Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why Bush Wants the Dubai Port Deal To Go Through

Can anyone now doubt the strength of President Bush's convictions? In the face of overwhelming opposition, even from members of his own party, the President is hanging tough in his support for the right of a foreign government to control the ports in our nation's largest Democrat cities, even threatening to use his veto for the first time to make sure the deal goes through. If this doesn't convince the terrorists that the President does not back down easily I don't know what will.

I am ashamed to admit that at first I thought letting a company controlled by the government of Dubai run our ports was a bad idea. The more I read about Bush's connections to Dubai, the more my doubts began to mount. Bush's brother Neil has reportedly gotten funding for his software company from Dubai. Halliburton has a subsidiary in Dubai that reportedly supplied technology to Iran. One of the top executives of the company that wants to buy control of the ports, David Sanborn, was nominated by President Bush to become the head of the Maritime Administration.

In vain I watched Fox News looking for some explanation of why this deal was actually good for America, but they seemed just as perplexed as I was. Rush Limbaugh argued that we should support deal because the Democrats were against it and because there were "nuances" that the media didn't understand, but I have to confess that the fact that Rush would even use a French word like "nuance" left me even more confused.

President Bush's enemies always make a mistake of underestimating him. Is it possible, I wondered, that there is something about this deal that we don't know, that instead of selling out our security to a government that some people say helped finance the 9/11 hijackers, this deal is actually part of an overall plan to defeat terrorism? Why else would the President seem to feel that this is so important? Frankly, I was baffled.

I decided to read up on Dubai, which I had never heard of before, and the more I read about it the more I began to doubt this country even existed. Supposedly, it's a desert paradise where alcohol and Eastern European prostitutes are plentiful. It sounded like a made-up place to me. But then I saw that Dubai is also spelled Dubayy and I had a revelation. I rushed to confirm my suspicions with an Arabic man who runs the local grocery store near me (on whom I am keeping a watchful eye for any suspicious activity) and he confirmed what I discovered. The Arabic spelling of Dubai (right) is exactly the same as the Arabic spelling for "Dubya." Suddenly, I understood why Bush wanted "Dubai" to control our ports and make the terrorists believe that they were actually under the control of a friendly Arabic government. At that moment, I got down on my knees and said, "Mr. President, how could I have ever doubted you?" Now you see why President Bush is so adamant about this deal. Shhh! Don't tell the terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, and do you also say Bush blew up the levies in NO?

Kevin said...

I like it how weak people leave anonymous comments cause they aren't man enough to back what they say.

This post is interesting and eye-opening to say the least. Still, connections doesn't make this deal something that must be stopped. It hasn't stopped prior deals this administration has made.

BenMerc said...

I just think it is buisness as usual with these people and they got caught off guard on the public/media reaction. And lets face it, Bush is as loyal to this bunch of rich buisness friends as he is to, well his other rich buisness friends. If there is a dime to turn, these sob's would sell out their own mothers. Another note worthy is that Iran got important nuclear componants through a black market group that operated out of that port. These would be the same people/government that would own the companies that managed the American ports if the deal goes down.

aerojad said...

Thank you for that entry, it was entertaining and eye opening. Thanks for leaving the link in my blog.

stranger said...

lmao, great post. i enjoyed the read.

KnightErrant said...

It makes sense. George believes that Dubai was named after him just like I believe that the Rose Parade in held in my honor because is on my birthday.

Argent said...

You are a trip. You totally messed up my mind for a good 2-3 minutes... does that make me slow?

Joyful Alternative said...

Sam, I don't have a Blogger account and I'm not sure I want one, but I already wrote a note to you, so I figured I could catch you here:

We call it "crony capitalism," Sam, because you don't have to have a bunch of money to start out with. You can even be a college dropout working as a power company lineman in the Rockies with the draft board breathing down his neck, and if you're a really good crony (we live in a sort of meritocracy now, you see, Sam), you get to be in charge of the world's biggest offense contractor with plenty of capital, plenty of time to shoot "wild" game a la Teddy Roosevelt in undisclosed locations, and an ambulance following you around in case what's left of your obsidian heart flutters.

longge said...

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