Wednesday, February 15, 2006

10 Arabic Speakers Too Many in the State Department

According to a recent article in USA Today, out of 34,000 State Department employees, 10 are fluent in Arabic. I think this is quite shocking. Why are there still 10 Arabic speakers in the State Department more than four and a half years after September 11? That may not seem like many, but it's only 9 fewer than the number of hijackers responsible for 9/11. Clearly, these Arabic speakers are a dangerous security risk. They could easily translate classified State Department documents into Arabic and pass them along to terrorists and no one would ever know. They may have already passed on nuclear secrets to the governments of Arabic-speaking countries such as Iran. It's also possible that some of these Arabic speakers were behind the recent State Department statement expressing sympathy for the Muhammad cartoon protesters and are influencing policy in other insidious ways. Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes, whose job is to promote public relations in the Arab world, has the right idea: she doesn't have any Muslims on her senior staff who could unduly influence her with their biases. I think these 10 Arabic speakers should be purged from the State Department immediately and their jobs given to normal Americans who don't speak any languages at all.

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Anonymous said...

Your article on the state department having 10 arabic linguists is moronic.
Islamist speak Arabic, Engligh, French, and many other languages

Do you think the Israeli government would be as stupid as to
remain ignorant to the language of there enemies

Anonymous said...

LOL! Please... stop! My side is hurting from laughing too much!

This post is especially funny when juxtaposed with the latest idiocy posted by LaShawn Barber whining that her grocery workers don't speak English...

You should be writing for the Daily Show.

Anonymous said...

You seem content with ignorance of your own language, though I understand that Engligh, which I think means English, is a hard language.

Their their, my angry little friend, they're they're.

Lone Ranger said...

They could find only 10 Muslim moderates.

Anonymous said...

"They may have already passed on nuclear secrets to the governments of Arabic-speaking countries such as Iran."

Iranians speak Farsi, an Indo-European language, not Arabis, a Semitic language

Peter Jacobs said...

If the main post was a joke, I don`t think anybody got it.

Or maybe I`m the moron. I have no idea anymore.

Anonymous said...

You are a retard.
Go and rent a car and take a road trip out of your little village. You might learn something.
Seriously though ghanks for the article; really made me laugh. LOL
Get rid of all the Arabic speakers eh? Good idea. Sack all the interpreters and translators. (Whoever heard of 10 translators out of 34,000 anyway. That's like almost 0.0003% of the State Department!). Sack the bastards. That way, the US won't have a clue what goes on in every UN meeting. All those dodgy Iranian-Arab-Muslim-Middle-Eastern-whatever-they're-called terrorists from Afghanistan can plot their next move with no fear of the dumb Americans understanding a word!

Anonymous said...

How do you think your government makes deals with the Saudis to secure most of that precious oil without which your country's economy would collapse?
Maybe they use...hmm I dunno, Arabic interpreters? How do you think peace treaties get signed?
Without communication across languages, diplomacy doesn't function, business deals don't happen, money doesn't flow. No translation = no foreign investment. Open your eyes before you speak please.

Unknown said...

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