Friday, February 03, 2006

Impeach Justice Alito

In his very first Supreme Court decision Justice Samuel Alito has betrayed everyone who supported him. In a 6-3 vote Justice Alito sided not with Justices Roberts, Scalia and Thomas but with the Court's liberals to stay the execution of a man convicted of kidnapping and murder. How can we believe Justice Alito is Pro-Life if he votes with David Souter to save the life of a murderer? Were all of his winks and nods hinting that he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade just lies? Was he so desperate to be on the Court that he would send deliberately misleading signals and imply anything just to get confirmed? Was he not telling the truth when he said he was not a judicial activist and in fact intends to uphold Roe v. Wade?

And if it turns out that Justice Alito is opposed to the death penalty, then one has to ask, How can he call himself a Christian? Clearly, the death penalty was put on Earth by God and to oppose it is to oppose God's will. Throughout its history the Church has supported the death penalty and used it quite effectively. In fact, if Rome didn't have a death penalty there would be no Christianity.

It's possible that Justice Alito, being new to the Supreme Court, was momentarily swayed by Justice Souter's charm. It's possible that he wanted to demonstrate his "independence" before going on to enact Bush's agenda. But I don't think we can take a chance on the possibility of another Justice Souter having a lifetime appointment to the Court. That's why I think we should begin Impeachment proceedings immediately to remove him from the Court. And if Congress refuses to act I hope President Bush will use his unitary executive powers to remove him. We cannot afford to let Justice Alito make one more bad decision.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, and you cons complain that people are partisan. God forbid the court stay an execution when it has come to light that lethal injection may violate the 8th amendment!

Well, go back to watching Fox News, I'm sure they will give you important news about some white-bred rich girl getting eaten by sharks in the Caribbean.

Anonymous said...

Forget what the other anonymous person said - you are awesome. Keep up the humor.

tchaka owen said...

LOL!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHH...that's the sound of your blog going over the head of the first 'Anonymous'. Great stuff.

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