Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Senate and President Reach NSA Wiretapping Agreement

The Senate and the President have reached an agreement on NSA wiretapping. Here are the broad outlines of the accord:

  • The President has agreed to spy only on very, very bad people.
  • He has agreed not to spy on Americans except under extraordinary circumstances.
  • He has promised not to bypass the courts and wiretap someone without a warrant unless he's in a really big hurry.
  • The NSA will try extra hard not to violate anyone's civil liberties if they can help it.
  • All information gathered from this spying will be Cosmic Top Secret and will not be shared with other agencies in the Federal government unless absolutely necessary.
  • The Admistration has agreed not to leak any of this information to the press unless they deem it necessary for national security and then only on Double Super Secret Background.
  • Congress, for its part, has agreed to spare the country the ordeal of divisive and contentious hearings, which would just weaken our resolve.
  • And Congress has warned the President that if he violates the agreement members will make it clear that they are really sore at him by issuing strongly worded statements.
All in all I think it sounds like a very good deal that should allay everyone's concerns.

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benmerc said...

Yea...thats the ticket, we will over comlicate the procedure, that will stop em' by God, you better belive they will "think twice" next time they spy on an american. I knew those Dems would save the day.

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