Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Drudge Report Accuses Howard Dean

For the second time in a week the usually reliable Matt Drudge has had to run a denial of a story he wrote about Democratic National Committee head Howard Dean. Earlier this week he ran a story claiming that Dean had used the Democratic National Committee to help Ray Nagin's opponent Mitch Landrieu in the New Orleans mayoral Democrat primary. When the DNC denied that the story was true he ran something that appeared very much like a retraction, saying that he "takes Chairman Dean and his spokesman at their word." (Unfortunately, the original story seems to have disappeared from Drudge's website, but you can find a Google cache copy of it here.)

Then yesterday he was forced to back away from another story in which he accused Dean of helping Thomas Dewey, Harry Truman's opponent in the 1948 Presidential election. However, this story also turned out to be untrue when it was revealed that Dean not only was not the head of the DNC in 1948, he was actually born a couple weeks after this election took place. (Luckily, I made a screen shot of this story, which is above. Click on it to get a better look.)

I know Mr. Drudge is very busy but I wish he would take a little time to verify these stories before he runs them since so many of us rely on his site for news we can't find anywhere else. I don't think that is too much to ask.

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Anonymous said...

Much of what Drudge puts up is sensationalized and under-verified (or unverified). People would stop reading if all he put were old, has-been stories...

Here's another good site for drudge fans:

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