Monday, February 05, 2007


This past weekend Atrios, the proprietor of Eschaton, declared a Blogroll Amnesty Day, saying, "one of the big complaints by new bloggers is that it's impossible to get onto blogrolls because established bloggers tend not to add them." I thought that adding new lesser-known blogs to his blogroll would be a wonderful idea. Although for some inexplicable reason that I am at pains to discover, Atrios has never seen fit to link to me, I, nevertheless added Eschaton to my own blogroll and introduced myself to Atrios with a sincerely sycophantic email, since he is after all a blogging pioneer who deserves our respect.

But the more I learned about this Amnesty Day, the more I realized that it was a very strange amnesty indeed. The amnesty he granted turned out to be amnesty for himself. He wanted to assuage himself of the guilt he might feel at kicking blogs off his blogroll instead of granting amnesty to others to swarm across the border into his domain. "Everyone feels a wee bit guilty about removing blogs from their blogroll, so they're hesitant to add new ones to an ever-expanding list," he explained. So Atrios deleted his entire blogroll and disappointingly repopulated it for the most part with the usual suspects. Then others in the liberal blogosphere followed his example, including Jesus' General and PZ Myers at Pharyngula, who already takes a very Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest approach to blogrolling (see updates below). Then Markos at Daily Kos joined this ruthless bloodletting. "It sucks and it feels bad," he said, daubing the tears from his eyes as he typed. So the end result of Atrios' Amnesty Day was to make some blogrolls smaller and even more exclusive than they already were.

Although as a conservative I am opposed to amnesty when it comes to Vietnam War draft dodgers, illegal immigrants and old people, when it comes to blogrolling I am surprisingly liberal, as you can see from the Blogroll Policy I have posted on my sidebar. "I will add anyone to my blogroll who adds me to theirs, whether conservative, liberal, moderate, libertarian or Albigensian, with the exception of spam or porn blogs or anything else your mother would be embarrassed to read," it states. I oppose litmus tests for blogs as well as Supreme Court Justices.

You might think that for all their talk of being inclusive, more liberals might agree with my policy. Although some other blogs have adopted my policy as their own, and my blogroll was recently mentioned in a post about blogrolls as an example of a site that had a blogroll "a mile long," my policy is surprisingly controversial and not universally accepted.

I adopted this policy in a spirit of both self-interest and altruism. In the blogosphere links are like capital. By offering links to others, others would be more inclined to offer links to me. But I am also very grateful to those who helped me out by throwing a link my way or adding me to their blogroll when I was just starting out. Now that I am a Large Mammal, according the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, I have tried to return the favor by helping out those further down the food chain. And I also think linking to others who have linked to me is the polite thing to do. While I don't think my blogroll policy is enough to qualify me for a Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore or Rush Limbaugh, I do hope that my efforts to spread a little love around the blogosphere makes cyberspace a little safer for democracy. I believe it was those great conservative rockers the Beatles who said, "The love you make is equal to the love you take."

I cannot take full credit for blogrollosity. My policy was inspired by two of the nicest gentleman in the blogosphere. Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice, is as generous a linker as he is a human being. He is perhaps the most promiscuous and exogamous linker in the blogosphere. Kevin Hayden, who is sadly about to leave his perch at American Street, tends to link mostly to other liberal blogs, but he is constantly linking to new and lesser-known sites. "Beating both Atrios and Kos to blogroll rebuilding, my January choices display that I intend to keep them both on our sidebars for the convenience of our readers, despite which blogs I choose to read," he commented on Amnesty Day. "I’ll also prepare meals for my friends and family that vary widely from my preferred dining selections, and let them use the remote to watch televised fluff I prefer not to waste my beautiful mind on." Both Joe and Kevin, I might add, were two of the first major blogs to link to me and have always been very supportive of my work for which I am very grateful.

A couple of years ago New York Magazine examined who linked to whom in the blogosphere and they discovered that A-list blogs tend to link mostly to other A-list blogs. This elitism strikes me as strangely un-liberal and un-democratic. Ironically, major conservative bloggers are on average more inclusive of smaller blogs than major liberal bloggers. Although I haven't made a scientific survey, I have noticed that for the most part the blogrolls on the top conservative blogs tend to be bigger than the blogrolls on top liberal blogs. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has more than 250 links. Michelle Malkin has 137. Captain's Quarters has a whopping 374. Compared with them, the blogrolls at the major liberal blogs look downright stingy. They also tend to link to a wider variety of blogs in their posts. That being said both liberals and conservatives tend to link mostly to their own ideological bedfellows.

I think that perhaps the liberal blogosphere could learn something from the conservative blogosphere. For example, there are a number of conservative communities that blogs can join which give their members numerous crosslinks. This tends to raise their profile in Technorati rankings, Truth Laid Bear rankings and in Google Page Rank. In his recent post on blogrolling Markos said, "a blogroll link isn't a major source of traffic," which may indeed be the case for his blog but not necessarily for those who get a few million fewer hits than he does. He also doesn't take into account the fact that the more links a blog has, the higher it appears in search engines. According to New York magazine, the number of links a blog has tends to correspond with how much traffic it gets.

Limiting blogrolls to a few elite blogs, also reduces the diversity. Apparently, affirmative action is good for universities, but doesn't apply to blogs. Although I am opposed to quotas and am completely colorblind, I would not be surprised if my blogroll is in fact more diverse than those of many major liberal blogs. Some bloggers of color have even learned at their peril not to rock the boat too much or risk getting delinked.

Of course, there are many liberal blogs with substantial blogrolls. Shakespeare's Sister and MyLeft Wing, for example, have very extensive blogrolls. Mike Finn at Crooks & Liars often links to smaller sites. I am sure there are many others. And there are many that have even seen fit to include a reasonable conservative like myself among their ranks. But I think the blogosphere would be better served if everyone's blogrolls were bigger and more inclusive. Bloggers often complain of the elitism of the mainstream press so it seems odd that so many blogrolls should be cordoned off with velvet ropes.

Update: Skippy fights back! PZ Myers clarifies. And a defensive Kos responds.

More Updates: The blogosphere revolts. Here are just a few of the other blogs weighing in on on the blogroll bloodletting: Polimom, My Left Wing, Kiko's House, Blue Gal, Brilliant at Breakfast, Thoughts of an Average Woman, Blah3, Mockingbird's Medley, Hot Potato Mash, Mad Kane, Chapomatic, Howard Empowered People, Instapundit, Classical Values, Mock, Paper, Scissors, Drinking Liberally in New Milford, Pen-Elayne on the Web, Three Sticks, Man Eegee, Barefoot Bum, Three Wise Men, The Apostate, Debsweb, Newshog, Spiidey, The Talking Dog, BostonJoe, Booman Tribune, The News Blog, The Field Negro, If I Ran the Zoo, The Galloping Beaver, The S.N.A.F.U. Principle, driftglass, Republic of T, Faux Real, The Debate Link, Creek Running North and Blogroll Amnesty Day Sucks.

One More Update: PZ Myers offers "Blogroll Open Enrollment Day" at Pharyngula, explaining, "Since the blogroll amnesty day earlier this month was such a flop, I thought I'd reframe it."

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mistah charley, ph.d. said...

The problem with the more extensive blogrolls is similar to the formerly popular place of which Yogi Berra said, "Nobody goes there anymore - it's too crowded." A long, long blogroll discourages the potential reader in the way that a more concise list does not. The use of the term "amnesty" is a bit confusing, I agree - more descriptively, what some are doing could be described as "blogroll cleansing."

Alexander Wolfe said...

Jon, you really should warn us in advance when your posts go from full-on satire to dead-on criticism with only a smattering of satire. I read something like this: "So Atrios deleted his entire blogroll and disappointingly repopulated it for the most part with the usual suspects" and think you mean the exact opposite, but of course you mean exactly what you say in this instance. Which is sad, but not satire of course.

I don't think it's a good idea for bloggers to read/link to only a few blogs most of which happen to be ideologically aligned with them. Doing so is just inserting yourself into a left-wing echo chamber, wherein your opinions are repeated back to you and your snark is justifiably praised by other large blogs.

So thank your Mr. Swift for your "liberal" blog-rolling policy, which I think is appreciate and reciprocated by many other blogs (our blog included.)

Howlin' Hobbit said...

Errr... you probably did it on purpose, but you've got the Beatle's quote backwards.

Alexander Wolfe said...


That's a good point, and it reminds me of something I meant to mention but forgot to. I suppose a blogroll could mean several different things to the blogger it belongs to. It could mean
1. "I read these blogs."
2. "I recommend these blogs."
3. "I link to these blogs out of courtesy."

Or a combination of all three. What I meant to mention was that I link to blogs that I don't necessarily read, but that I think others might like to read, including many worthy smaller blogs that I think have something to contribute to public discourse. The blogs I read on a regular basis I keep track of on Bloglines, not on my blog.

So as to your point mistah, I think if someone links to a bunch of blogs out of courtesy or reciprocity, it's okay to have a fairly long blogroll you don't really expect anyone else to parse through. But if you want people to actually visit all those blogs, then yes it makes sense to keep it shorter.

Anonymous said...

For a long time, my faux blogroll was here.

But at around 1400, it just got too unwieldy trying to update to be sure all the blogs were active. Rspecially since it's a handcoded HTML page, to boot.

My reduced (actual) blogroll is substantially smaller, but current. And on different days, I can surf everyone within one category, so it's quite useable. I'm sure I'll add more, but even trying for inclusivity, there's limits, since I do actually want some time left to blog.

Chuck Butcher said...

I had decided to add Jon Swift to my blogroll before I discovered your liberal policy, the decision was based entirely on the quality of writing. I'm sure your traffic increase from my site will not create a blip, but nobody can complain about lack of access to good writing, after my drivel sets others up to look good.

I don't link to any of the really big biggies, other than your humble self, I figure they're easily enough found.

Chuck Butcher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chuck Butcher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

woah, i wrote a long comment here and then blogger ate it.

blogger: you get what you pay for.

let me just add my agreement to mr. swift's thoughts...this blood letting is a metaphor for the democrats who go to washington and lose touch with their constituents.

when blog rolls stop being about recommendations of blogs readers may be interested in, and become personal tools to make surfing the net easier for the blogger, new and diverse voices get cut out of the discussion.

one more thing, a small joke:

q: what's the difference between atrios and instapundit?

a: instapundit links to skippy.

Jaesoreal said...

I think I am linked to everyone who's ever commented to me, which isn't saying a lot looking at my blogroll. While I may never be a mammal, I am thankful a mammal knows me and links to me! Thanks!

Fran / Blue Gal said...

This has been an interesting weekend in blogroll land. I find when my blogroll gets above 150 blogs I stop reading from it.

That said, I wouldn't delete my entire blogroll anymore than I would draw lots to get rid of one of my children. Methinks Atrios and his copycats have a high opinion of their own inclusions. Just saying.

Carol said...

I am new to blogging and I had inadvertently stubled upon Jon Swift's Site. I read the offer about blogrolling and so I did it. In this spirit I blogroll every blog I visit. I am not a blogger for competition, rather, I blog for fun!

Unknown said...

annoucing real amnesty day at skippy!

blogroll skippy, skippy will blogroll you!

Rachel Luxemburg said...

Just a couple of random thoughts ---

Being a Z-list blogger, nobody really cares whether they are on my blogroll or not, but even so, I try to keep mine trimmed, because it happens to be the actual blogroll I read daily. When the list starts to climb over 30, I just don't have time to keep up with them all. So I set up a personal rule that if I add a new blog to the list, I have to remove an old one. It's Darwinian, but it works for me.

I suppose I could maintain two blogrolls -- the one I actually read, and the one I put on my website. It wouldn't be all that much extra work, and it would allow me to put in many more 'courtesy' links. But for whatever reason, I prefer to share the list of blogs I'm actually reading, not what blogs I want people to think I'm reading. It may be less friendly, but it's more honest.

I could be wrong, of course. I agree that being generous with the blogroll links is a valuable way of spreading the Google and Technorati love, and that's not a small thing. I'll think about it some more and see if I can come up with a better way of handling things.

Anonymous said...

OK. I have a hard time getting past the word 'blogrolling'.

"Hey, want to go out tonight and do a little blogrolling?"

"They said he was blogrolling when the intruder capped his ass."

The word is just too damn funny to take anything associated with it seriously. It's like talking to The Terminator at a Halloween costume party about AIDS in Africa.

Good piece about a silly subject.

Ang said...

This pops up every now and again. Funny tho, didn't think it was due until summer. Guess some thought they would push some buttons early. You know, when you have some warped ideas that you have some power, you do crap like this. (shrugs)

My blogrolling policy has been pretty relaxed. If you comment on my site, you get linked. If I visit your site and like it, you get linked. My list if freaking huge now. And not just liberals, but conservatives as well. I don't restrict myself to reading just my own kind.

M. Simon said...

I blogroll any one that interests me. No reciprocal requirement.

I usually add two to ten blogs a week to the list. I've turned people down for various reasons. Like no original content. A writing style I didn't like (I can curse like a sailor - heck I was a USN sailor. But you know, that kind of language more often than once every other week in very small doses is not interesting). Bad attitude on my part. Bad attitude on your part.

The blogroll list is very loosely ordered.

I kinda like it like that.

Power and Control

M. Simon said...

BTW my blogroll is for my benefit.

My public book mark file.

BadTux said...

Well, my blogrolling practice tends to be:

1. If I visit your blog and find it interesting, I'll blogroll you.
2. If you drop by my blog and drop a comment, I'll visit your blog, and if I find it interesting, I'll blogroll you.
3. Occasionally I'll check Technorati et. al. to see who's linking to me, check out the ones not on my blogroll, and if I find them interesting, blogroll them.
4. I *never* find a blog that lacks a comments section interesting. Thus I don't link to most right-wing blogs because they don't allow comments, or if they do, the comments are heavily censored so from my perspective they might as well not have a comments section. That said, I do link to a couple of right wing blogs on my blogroll, folks who are sensible and with whom you can have a discussion that does not degenerate into name-calling.

I once had a reciprocal blogrolling thing going, but the fact of the matter is that my blogroll is already way too long, and having blogs on there that bore me means that my practice of occasionally banging a link to see what's interesting no longer works. That said, there's still a few blogs on it that no longer interest me that stick around for historical reasons, because they were amongst the first to link to me or because I fondly remember the days when they *were* interesting. I guess in my own way I'm as ruthless as Atrios, but more along the lines of, "I don't link to blogs that bore me."

Dee Paolina said...

When I started blogging (way back in the dark ages of '02), there was no blogrolling and no bloglines. My personal blogroll was just that, personal and was there so I could easily find the links to the blogs I was reading. Eventually, I quit using it so I just deleted the whole thing a year ago.

It didn't help that blogrolling sometimes takes forever to load.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I am one of the little guys, and have a small blogroll. I don't read or link to 'the big guys' but I do have a list of blogs I read everyday, and a list of reciprocal links (which I read nearly every day, since it is still pretty short.) I have the same (unwritten) liberal policy as Jon Smith's.

I can feel where skippy is coming from since I recently had the similar experience of being dropped from Norbiznesses' rolls. What a gutting experience!

Anyways, I am adding Jon Smith. Not only because of his policy but also because I've found myself reading his stuff more and more often of late. (I hope this doesn't mean I am becoming conservative myself!)

OutOfContext said...

"We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."
Martin Luther King

“If a link is broken, the entire chain breaks.”
Yiddish Proverb

"Oh, yeah. He is. Big time."
Dick Cheney

Anonymous said...

I'm a reader, not a blogger and I thought I'd just add my 2cents on how blog rolls affect me. Very little, in truth. I don't pay any more attention to the blog rolls on a site I'm reading than I do to the ads. I generally go to a site for content. If they link to someone in their blog, that's what introduces me to new blogs. a general list of blogs on the side means very little to me. I don't have time to check them out. So it's the citing & linking within a blog that I'm reading that often gets me to check out another blog.

Thanks for your time.

Righteous Bubba said...

I read blogrolls, but more importantly I use mine: I highlight them and open them in new tabs, then read 'em all. Consequently my blogroll is short and confined to people I actually want to read.

BadTux said...

Well, Mroom, I actually do click through on other folks' blogrolls from time to time, if I see something that looks like it has an interesting title, or if it's part of a blogroll that is of special interest to me. For example, Alternate Brain's "left-wing mil-bloggers" blogroll is a nice antidote to chicken-hawkery. Reading people who've been there, done that rip Dear Leader's war strategy into shreds is a pleasure worth seeking out for me. Others have different strokes, but point is, don't dismiss those blogrolls just 'cause you don't use'em yourself!

liquiddaddy said...

Mr. Swift,

I thank you every day for your generous blog policy.

I have laid in wait under Lord Kos' crawlspace for a chance to touch his garment, with no luck. I know he likes me, but he just doesn't have the time to mix with the hoi poloi.

Your points are spot on. In fact, the right has mobilized into fighting units, such as the 101st Fighting Keyboarders as you know.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I'm adding you to my blogroll right now. Thanks for supporting us smaller blogs. I just started my blog and need all the help I can get. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Swift,
Thank you for pointing out the hypocracy of the so-called liberal bloggers. Whenever I begin to doubt the correctness of the Conservative point of view, a visit to your website gives me strenghth.
(CSI Miami is good, too.)

James Higham said...

You might tell him about Blogpower, Jon. This situation of the small blogger is what we address and have upped our guys stats by a fair amount.

As part of that, I do a Blogfocus of US and Brit blogs and there's one this evening on new blogs.

It does eventually get the small blogger recognition.

Anonymous said...

Great post, but why is my site missing from your blogroll? You're on my list.

Now I could just tell you the name and URL for my site but that would be much too easy, instead I am going to leave a series of non-fungible clues for you to persue, each titbit more devilshly clever than the last, leading to that which we all aspire - "The Truth" or something similar.

You shall recieve no rest until this injustice is rectified.

Your first clue is this:

Adam and Lilith sat on the log,
Adam was naming things,
Lilith asked "How d'you know to call a frog a frog?"
Adam struck her for her damned impertinence.

CGHill said...

I'm pretty much on M. Simon's wavelength here: blogs are on my roll because I make an effort to read them. I can't get to every last one of them every day - not and keep a day job, anyway - but each one of them is there just in case.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Victor: please do not confuse the elitism of a few liberal bloggers as being inclsive of all liberal bloggers. Many of the liberal bloggers found on my blogroll have quite extensive rolls. Some will urge their readers to click through their blogroll to find new blogs to read. These are the truly progressive bloggers, not to be confused with the elite few.

Off Colfax said...

Fiat, I didn't expect to see you over here. But if you're a Z-list blogger, what does that make me? They'd have to create a whole new alphabet so I could be put at the end.

As for my blogroll, however, I try to keep it short, sweet, and balanced. I read many more blogs than are represented there, but I only put those up that either a) impress me with some odd insight, b) make me laugh, or c) make me think. Or, in one case, d) buy me beer.

And teh Atrios is soon to be delisted, just as I delisted Pandagon a long long time ago. as he hasn't done any of the above for quite some time. And he's never bought me a beer, so that one's out. The Shakes' and The Moderate Voice will probably take his place.

For me, it's not about tossing people up for my own self-edification. That's what bookmarks are for. Left or right, I want insight. And only those that fulfill that need get on my list.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Jon. This has been a sore spot with many of us non-A-listers for a long time.

The problem with the A-Listers is now that they'll only link to other A-listers, and a lot of fine bloggers go begging.

We're witnessing another elite class being constructed before our eyes, and those who are 'in' it don't have an inkling that they're becoming part of the problem.

And you've been added to my short list of bloggers that we call the 'Preferred' list. There ain't a single A-Lister on it, and we're proud of that.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Jon Swift (and apparently so is Skippy the bush Knagaroo now!) is doing more for the netroots movement than dKos or or any of those others will do with their new Blogrolling standards.

They must be completely ignorant to the fact that a bigger Blogs link to a smaller one raises the smaller ones' authority on the search engines which, in turn, raises the value of the smaller Blogs' linkback to the bigger one... A win-Win situation for all of Left Blogtopia.

Either that or they are more interested in cutting out certain Blogs for either ideological or financial purposes.

I value Jon Swift's blogroll policy, especially given the fact that I know that someone clicks into my sight at least a few times per week from here off of his Blogroll, and then moves on to another Blog off of my Blogroll. (Usually the same Blog clickout, suggesting it may the same person repeatedly following a pattern?) I can't argue with that. It is a visitor that I may have never had otherwise.

If you want to help the Blogosphere?

Link Liberally... It is a guarenteed win-win.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Jon Swift, for pointing this out. I see that the great Duncan has seen fit to jettison m'self (which given my recent traffic trends amounts to bayonetting the body; but so it goes).

The blogosphere was a great deviation from the human (or at least American) reality known as "perpetual high school."

The nerds and the geeks were as welcome at the table as the kewl kidz, the football players and the cheerleaders. (Indeed, my own blogroll includes a number of right wingers back from the ecumenical days, (well, one or two anyway ) of whom link back to me, before the Iraq War and the total partisanship all the time thing kicked in.

But there you are. While Kos (like Kaus for that matter) could never be bothered to link to mere mortals... Atrios was always very good about that.

I guess even he is just too big for the rest of us. It's a free country, and a free blogtopia (y.i.k. skippy, etc.) This elitism thing is just so darned... Republican, is all.

--the talking dog

Rick said...

Until now I've kept my blogroll fairly short for various reasons. I'm re-thinking that now.
Jon, I've added you to my list (I meant to do it some time back after you visited, but it slipped my mind--honest!).

Anonymous said...

this blows. i've been telling everyone how cool u are for close to a year, primarily b/c you were one of the few willing to link to me. typical liberals. try not to offend anyone and end up hurting everyone. you make me sick swift.

and you know what else, while i've always known you were small - a poor man's voltaire - i just never knew you were from lilliput. that's probably why you feel more secure with a long blogroll. napoleonic blogroll if you will. wonder what color your porsche is.

that's about all i gotta say on this matter. i would go and delete you from my blogroll if american idol were not on. and, i'm also not sure what your policy is on deleting a blog that deletes you. you really don't get into that. maybe you could clarify. i for one, would really appreciate it if you could.

otherwise, consider yourself maybe or even possibly deleted!

Anonymous said...

I have two... count them, TWO... blogs I'd love to see blogrolled. One, The Miserable Annals of the Earth, is all about the geek stuff. The other, A Brown Eyed Handsome Man, is for my wretched and worthless poli-blogging. Blogroll me if you will! That's and

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just blogrolled you, on both my blogs.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

so do I get a link?

Anonymous said...

Nice post, and although we are far from political soul mates, I must say that this move from the net roots people really set me off. (Not that they would have the guts to bloggroll me in the first place)

But this just smells like elitism on their part. I mean how the f**k did they think they made it to where they are?

Good for you with your liberal (sorry about that word. **you can open your eyes now**) policy n blogrolls. I have a similar one, because like you, I believe everyone has a voice and should have a right to express themselves. Even if I don't agree with them. And exposing other points of views on my blog to people who come to my site, is what blogging should be all about. IMHO.

MSS said...

I "prune" the Fruits & Votes blogroll from time to time, because like the first comment to this post, I find very long blogrolls to be close to useless for me as a visitor. An exception could be made to that generalization--at least in part--if the blogger has taken the time and effort to have a really useful classification system so that I get a general idea of what I will find by clicking on a given link.

I've never been a big fan of the blogroll logroll; that is, I don't necessarily link to a blog just because it links to me. However, in practice, I usually do (being grateful for the attention and all that).

I also, with few exceptions, simply don't link to the 'A-list' blogs. I figure people know them. And my own blog has a set of niche topics, so the blogs most closely related are also generally niche blogs, and hence likely to be at least as far down the food chain as mine is.

Anonymous said...

The more blogs listed in the sidebar, the less likely I am to visit any of them.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to be added to your blogroll as well as vice versa of course. As a new blogger (just started int he new year), I apprecaite the liberal blogging attitude.

Anonymous said...

It is silly to write that Atrios felt guilty about his purge, D'oh!

He rather, was warning folks that they would be taken off his now-unwieldy blogroll if he, in fact, did not actually access them.

animeg said...

My blogroll is very short, because I'm too lazy to fool with it. I also blogged about this on egotistical whining, if anyone is interested.

James Stripes said...

As a novice blogger, I can attest to your liberal blogrolling policy. You were the first to link to me, which gave my blog the first hint of technorati authority. Jon Swift still accounts for most of the links to my blog that Yahoo can find.

As for my policy, I blogroll any site that I think I might want to look at a second time--it's my own needs, not an act of generosity on my part (although Adam Smith might assert that the two are indistinguishable).

I like to think that my roll shows an absence of partisan preference. If liberals outnumber conservatives, that reflects the tendency of those I've visited to do their own writing, rather than merely repeating the latest tirades of Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, David Horowitz, or Rush Limbaugh (both Ann and David can be found on my rolls).

Phil said...

I am all for it, that is how I have found some great sites and some great reads, by going through other peoples Blogrolls.
I am putting you on my own as soon as I fish putting up the link to mine.
Thank you.

Miss Cellania said...

Although my main site is just humor (the blogroll there is eclectic but need updating), I have a link blog where I’m trying to expand my repertiore into videos, news, politics, science, history, etc. I also have long blogrolls of all sorts over there. So I posted about Blogroll Amnesty Day at Miss C Recommends.

And yeah, I did mention it at my main site, too.

kunthanrajan said... u dont mine...can we link the blog yar..reply me

autotech123 said...

So as to your point mistah, I think if someone links to a bunch of blogs out of courtesy or reciprocity, it's okay to have a fairly long blogroll you don't really expect anyone else to parse through. But if you want people to actually visit all those blogs, then yes it makes sense to keep it shorter.

Anonymous said...

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