Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best Blog Posts of 2007 (Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves)

Just as nobody anticipated the levees breaking in New Orleans, according to President Bush, I don't think anybody anticipated the overwhelming response I would get when I asked the members of my very extensive and eclectic blogroll to send me links to their best posts of the year. Not even Condoleeza Rice could have predicted the shock and awe you will feel at the sheer magnitude of the talent out there, of which this is just a small sampling. These posts were not chosen by a panel of experts or TV viewers, but by the bloggers themselves as each blog's best work of 2007. There are posts on politics by liberals, conservatives and moderates, posts on movies, music, television, books, economics, health care, science, sports, religion and history, personal stories and slices of life, poetry, prose, pictures and video. Some are very funny, some are quite serious, some will make you angry and some will make you say "Huh?" Go ahead and click on a link that sounds intriguing or from a blog you haven't read before or check in with an old favorite. You may not agree with what someone has written, but contrary to popular belief, there hasn't been a single documented case of anyone's head exploding from reading a post he or she disagrees with. I certainly don't agree with everything that is linked to here, but I do believe, like a real conservative, in the marketplace of ideas, in letting 1,000 flowers bloom (as Chiang Kai-shek once said), that more discussion is better than less, and every one of these posts is worth reading. So come back anytime and check out what these bloggers have to offer because they all deserve your support. I think this round-up reflects what is best about the blogosphere -- that it gives so many talented people a chance to express themselves and makes it so much easier for the government to know who to arrest first in case of a national emergency.

"Republican Sex Scandal (U.K. Update)"
Blogenfreude explains Republican sex scandals to readers in the U.K., where they don't have any sex scandals at all, or even very much sex, as far as I know.

The Agonist
"No Rich People Were Harmed in Making this Recession"
Stirling Newberry with great news about the economy.

Ali Eteraz
"'Muslim!' Now Available in Insult Form"
Ali Eteraz is troubled by increasing hostility toward Muslims, which is very Muslim of him.

"Judith and Holo-Rudy"
Amba wonders if Judith Regan, who was once an acquaintance of hers, is every woman's revenge fantasy.

American Street
"The Unnecessary Death of Nataline Sarkysian … or Is It Murder?"
Kevin Hayden asks if the Hippocratic Oath has been changed.

The Apostate
"I Want Ayaan to Live"
The Apostate, who often writes passionately about why she left Islam, corrects some misconceptions about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose outspoken criticism of Islam has brought her death threats.

At the Hillocks of Hysteria
"Emergency Measures"
Discordian Stooge reports on efforts by Minneapolis police to fight the growing zombie menace.

Bad Attitudes
"English Speakers Face Existential Threat"
Jerome Doolittle disputes the notion that English-speaking people are under assault. I think some high school English teachers would disagree.

Balloon Juice
"Beauchamp’s Unit - More Shoddy Journamalism and the Citizen Journalist Response!"
Like a Bizarro World Woodward and Bernstein, John Cole eviscerates "another liberal hit piece designed to subvert our will."

Barefoot Bum
"The New Atheism"
Larry Hamelin explains the "New Atheism," which he says is free of the "existential angst" of the "Old Atheism." Maybe New Coke would have done better if it had left out the existential angst, too.

Bark Bark Woof Woof
"He's Not Gay"
Mustang Bobby says that Larry Craig is not gay. Who said that he was?

Barking Rabbits
"Monsters, John. Monsters from the Id!"
Gregg Bartley thinks we are living in a society based on the 1950s science-fiction classic Forbidden Planet, with Michelle Malkin playing the Monster from the Id. Does that mean Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds is playing Robbie the Robot?

Bastard Logic
"Jim Crow 'Justice', Contemporary Racism(s) and 'Discovering' a Travesty"
Matttbastard on Jena 6 and "the soft bigotry of colour blindness."

"You must have taken a wrong turn…"
This post at Fearguth's blog is worth 1,019 words, with 19 of those being actual words.

"When Love is Not Enough"
Karen Celestino-Horseman tells the story of a gay couple who are forbidden from seeing each other by the family of one of them after he suffers an aneurysm.

Billy Jack's Blog
"Dissent & Patriotism"
Billy Jack asks if dissent "is 'highest form of patriotism,' or is it a stonewalling tactic for gaining political advantage without regard for what is good for the country or the world."

Bitch Ph.D.
"But, But, I Thought We Were Rich"
Instead of being grateful that she is spared the disappointment of losing her home like so many other Americans, Bitch Ph.D. bitches about not even being able to buy one.

A Blog Around the Clock
"Exclusive Interview with Senator John Edwards on Science-Related Topics"
While most mainstream journalists would have just asked Edwards to raise his hand if he believes in evolution, Coturnix goes a little bit deeper in this fascinating interview.

"The Dawkins Effect: How The God Delusion Mainstreamed Atheism"
Simon Owens takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon of atheists coming out of the closet. Personally, I don't care what atheists do in the privacy of their own homes, but I don't understand why they have to do it in public.

Blue Gal
"It's a Woman/Man Thing. We Wouldn't Understand."
Blue Gal finally gets her good feminist membership card revoked.

Blue Girl
"Ten Years Ago Tonight"
Blue Girl remembers a magical night in New York that ended in tears she still can't quite explain.

Brilliant at Breakfast
"Some Thoughts from a Nonbeliever on Christmas Eve"
Just because Jill's roots are Jewish that doesn't mean she can't appreciate what it must have been like for a "young couple in a makeshift shelter" who "feel insignificant, and inadequate to the task they face -- not much different from what all new parents must feel."

Buck Naked Politics
"Congress Considers Cost of Intelligence Contractors -- Should Also Examine Others"
D. Cupples and Damozel discover that taxpayers are only paying twice as much for private contractors in Iraq as they would for government employees. Aren't they worth more than that?

Candide's Notebooks
"The Madness of Paul Tibbets"
Pierre Tristam looks at the man who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, who said compassionately of those who died there, "That's their tough luck for being there."

Captain's Quarters
"Waterboarding: Two Other Perspectives"
Ed Morrissey interviews a Navy SEAL who disputes the contention by a former instructor at the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) school that waterboarding is torture and says that even discussing it is "a breach of classified information."

Carpetbagger Report
"I’m Not Ready to 'Get Over It'"
Steve Benen is more than a little tired of being told, "Let's not bicker over who killed whom."

Cheek and Bluster
"David Lynch and the Fallacy of Answering"
Derek remembers David Lynch's TV series Twin Peaks and wonders if our contemporary culture overvalues answers and undervalues questions. What does he mean by that?

Chuck for…
"What Does It Mean To Have Rights?"
Chuck Butcher may have the right to be silent but that's one right he doesn't exercise here.

Circle Jerk in the Square
"Official Application for Republican Presidential Candidates"
"This handy form is the first step toward determining if you are white enough, rich enough, and God-and-prosecution-fearing enough to be a GOP presidential candidate," explains Brando.

Classical Bookworm
"Tolkien and Happy Endings"
Sylvia tells us why she was not so happy with the ending of the Lord of the Rings books.

Cocktail Party Physics
"The Photon Has Two Faces"
Jennifer Ouellette asks Paris Hilton to help her explain some exciting news in quantum physics. Alas, her head eventually explodes, but not before she gets a little spooky action at a distance.

Comedian Jenée: People are Idiots
"Paris Is Still In Jail (Updates Hourly)"
Jenée covers the dark days of Paris Hilton's incarceration with the seriousness and dignity the subject deserves.

Comments from Left Field
"In Honor"
Kyle E. Moore honors the service of two soldiers who died in Iraq in this moving piece. Reaching across the political divide, Comments from Left Field and Conservative Thinking set up a fund in their honor, the proceeds of which were donated to Fisher House.

"Martin Luther King to Obama"
Robert Stein looks at the legacy of Dr. King, something he knows about first hand since the article written by King that he quotes here was actually commissioned by Stein himself in 1966. If you have never read Mr. Stein's illuminating commentary on current events and amazing first-hand accounts of the great men and women he has known, you ought to start now.

Conspiracy Factory
"An Anecdote About Anecdotes"
The Factician was told that his wife would probably never be able to get pregnant. But then they changed their brand of toothpaste. . . .

Creek Running North
"What If? Part I: Abundance"
Defining scarcity is easy, says Theriomorph, but what does it mean to live in abundance?

Crinch Pin
"Henry Hyde"
The Swan tells us about the late congressman's last indiscretion, which he promises never to do again.

Crooks & Liars
"Tom Tancredo Boycotts Univision/Spanish Debate: Attacks Their Entire Viewership"
John Amato writes about his Italian grandparents and posts two videos featuring Tom Tancredo (whose name sounds suspiciously foreign) in which he explains why he boycotted the debate on the Spanish-language channel and is confronted by Geraldo Rivera for his stance on immigration.

C3 Fun
"Don't Mess with the South/Phony Phone Conversations"
Micgar finds a video of some British visitors who learn about Southern hospitality when they drive cars festooned with messages like "Country & Western Music Is Rubbish" and "Manlove Rules." Plus, bonus prank telephone calls.

Dancing With Myself
"A Zen Koan"
Houston meditates on how to get to the other side.

Dan Leo
"Railroad Train to Heaven: A Theological Discussion Beneath the Stars"
Dan Leo treats us to an excerpt from his novel, a memoir by a Reading Railroad brakeman and poet named Arnold Schnabel, who is trying to recover from a mental breakdown in 1963.

Darrel Plant
"The Invisible Hand of Saddam Hussein"
Adam Smith would have sided with Saddam Hussein, according to Darrel Plant.

David E's Fablog
"Cocktails with Clooney"
David Ehrenstein hobnobs with George Clooney at a chi-chi Hollywood party where they dish about next year's election and, of course, Brad Pitt.

The Debate Link
"The Chronicle of Madison's Tomb: Why 'Roe Rage' Has Nothing To Do With Legal Theory"
David Schraub discovers a hitherto hidden cache of papers revealing the Founding Fathers' secret debates on abortion.

Diary of a Heretic
Kathleen Maher presents an excerpt from a serialized short story that might even make Madonna feel like a virgin again.

Divided We Stand United We Fall
"Political Blogger Switches Party Affiliation"
MW explains why he is becoming a Republican, as if any explanation were necessary.

Dr. X's Free Associations
"Feds Drawing In On Illinois Governor As Not So Clean Obama Friend Awaits Trial and Mayor Daley Don't Know Nothin' About Any a Dat"
Dr. X reports on how local Illinois political scandals may come back to bite Barack Obama.

Dominionists for Tancredo
"Paul Campaign: 'We’ll buy Manitoba with all our money if we don’t win'"
The Rev. Paul T. Hipple receives a divine vision of the latest plan of Ron Paul supporters.

Don Surber
"How Many People Will the Peace Movement Kill This Time?"
I think Bob Dylan was once asked the question Don Surber poses here and he answered "136."

"In or Out?"
After seeing Into the Wild and Motorcycle Diaries, Eatbees wonders what is the best response to injustice in the world: withdrawal or engagement?

Echidne of the Snakes
"To Eat A Peach. Or Fruit Erotica"
Only Echidne could make fruit sound so dirty.

Fausta's Blog
"ShrinkWrapped and the Blogger's Dilemma"
Fausta Wertz explains "Fausta's Corollary": "The amount of animus generated by a post is directly proportional to its distance away from the modern liberal stance."

"Why I'm Pro-Choice"
"I am pro-choice because it’s the pro-choice movement that has advocated for policies which actually decrease the need for abortion," are among the reasons Jill Filipovic cites.

Field Negro
"Dog Days for Mike"
The Field Negro has some advice for Michael Vick: Don't mess with white folks and their pets.

"Libby Trial: No Swans Swimming In Sewers"
Firedoglake will never be pardoned for its coverage of the Scooter Libby trial, but perhaps more than anything else that happened this year, it showed that the blogosphere had truly come of age. In this post Christy Hardin Smith gives us an example of the trenchant analysis that had members of the mainstream media checking in everyday so they would know what to write.

Flying Dutchman
"You and George W. Bush Go to the Pharmacy"
A modern parable from the Flying Dutchman. President Bush walks into a pharmacy. . .

Foreign Policy Watch
"The Logic of the Obama Plan...(Or, Why Security Guarantees Matter)"
Jeb Koogler says that Barack Obama's plan for Iran "would represent a significant and important change in American policy." I just hope we can keep the bomb them back to the Stone Age part.

Fortuna's Favor Rites
"Saturdays on the Radio with George"
Fortunalee has a little chat with the President on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Galloping Beaver
"It Was Always About Oil"
Dave claims in this three-part piece that we did not invade Iraq for all the reasons President Bush said we did, most of which I've forgotten, but I do know they were very good reasons.

Genuine Ideas
"Cow Hell"
There will be Hamburger Helper in Heaven, says Jeremiah Erby, so where does the hamburger in Heaven come from?

Glenn Greenwald
"The Most Revealing Three-Minute YouTube Clip Ever"
This shocking YouTube video reveals everything you need to know about the media, says Glenn Greenwald. Is it any wonder that Joe Klein can't bring himself to utter Greenwald's name?

"Bad Cop. No Doughnut."
Bob King thinks there is something wrong with a policeman's repeatedly tasering an unarmed woman outside a nightclub, which was caught on video.

Greg Laden
"The Bible-Thumping Grinch who Pissed on Christmas"
Greg Laden is taking Santa's side in the War on Christmas.

HE&OS - Home Education & Other Stuff
According to Daryl Cobranchi, "It's a short post but led to lots of comments. Beer, wine, evolution, the Bible, and quiche. Quite a combination."

Idle Musings
Punkinsmom reports on the evil squirrel empire.

If I Ran the Zoo
"Bush to Name Corruption Czar"
President Bush names a "Corruption Czar" to "oversee all aspects of corruption in the executive branch," says Tom Hilton. I don't remember hearing about this.

I Miss Fafblog, Spot
"Right Makes Might"
In today's sermon MarkC explains how a passage in Thucydides' Peloponnesian Wars, a freezer in the fresh fish section stocked with the bodies of the woodwinds section of a high school jazz band and a mysterious accident at the Marinade Factory make it clear that the War in Iraq is a just war.

The Impolitic
"Young Woman Dies Tragic Death"
Libby Spenser thinks U.S. troop casualty number 3,115 is at least as worthy of being remembered as Anna Nicole Smith, even if most of the media thinks otherwise.

Informed Comment
"Bush's Top Ten Mistakes in Iraq During the Past 4 Years"
It's hard to believe Juan Cole could find even one.

It All Goes Here
"Laugh Over Me"
Nate thinks the trailer for I Now Pronounce You Larry and Chuck is as funny as a kick in the groin, which is not very funny at all. Now, a kick in Adam Sandler's groin. . .

Johnny Pez
"Time to Update the List"
Johnny Pez crosses a few things off America's "To Don't" list.

Kiko's House
"Happy Birthday, Abeer Qassim Hamza"
Shaun Mullen explains why this Iraqi girl didn't celebrate her 15th birthday in 2007.

"Of Anachronisms and Imperialisms"
Khaled Shaheen considers the situation in Afghanistan and offers a unique perspective on World War II that would make Tom Brokaw cry.

"Size Does Matter"
konagod compares orbs, which proves to be a humbling experience.

Lance Mannion
"A Very Neat Sort of Monster"
Lance Mannion reviews a television show he calls "a sinister twist on the superhero myth" about a man "disguised as a human being," which surprisingly is not about Dick Cheney.

Liberty Street
"Fact-Free, Lazy Right-Wing Blogging on Gitmo Decision"
I do hope Kathy is not talking about me when she refers to "the usual fact-free, amoral argument we always get from right-wing bloggers on the issue of detainees at Guantanamo being stripped of all legal rights."

"The Rational Actor's Libertarian Fête"
Deborah Newell Tornello smacks down Libertarianism, in iambic pentameter no less.

Lord Nazh
"My Plan"
Verlin Martin lays out his commonsense plan to fix this country. First we get rid of minorities, then . . . well, I'll let him explain.

Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time
LarryE can't make sense of the Virginia Tech shootings. But there is one thing he is sure of: "This is a tragedy, not a f---ing debating point for paranoids!"

M.A. Peel
"Suprise Saints of My Generation: The Who"
M.A. Peel watches a new documentary about The Who, with Roger Daltry in the audience, and finds she's glad they didn't die before they got old.

Mad Kane
"GOP Piety Song Parody (Sing to Billy Joel's Honesty)"
Mad Kane improves on Billy Joel (if you even think that's possible).

Man Eegee
"Thoughts on the Goldwater Institute Analysis"
Man Eegee takes a look at how that Republican outreach to Latinos is going.

Marginal Utility
"Scientific Knowledge in the U.S. by Religion"
Kim uncovers some interesting data on the scientific beliefs of the members of different religions. Apparently, some Christians, but not all, actually believe the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Media Bloodhound
"Open Letter to WashPo Columnist David Ignatius"
Brad Jacobson, who is clearly not a professional journalist, dares to question the Washington Post columnist's contention that "journalistic rules" dictate that reporters mustn't contradict the President.

Medulla Noodle
"David Horowitz Crazy with Oscar Fever!"
Wobblie explains how David Horowitz is a lot like Britney Spears.

Middle Earth Journal
"Oil Shale - A Really Bad Idea for a Serious Problem"
Ron Beasley says that oil shale is not a solution to our energy problems, which sure ruins my day.

The Midpoint
"Make It Stop"
Cangrejero looks at the science behind a think tank's claim that abortion is linked to breast cancer but doesn't cite a single Bible verse to back up his conclusions.

Miriam's Ideas
"Family Story"
Miriam tells a heartbreaking story about how an expensive watch came between members of her family.

Miss Cellania
"Schroedingers Cat"
Does Miss Cellania's very entertaining post exist if you don't click on the link?

The Naming of Things
"USA - a Maoist Regime????"
Maoist iconography has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and according to J. Alexander Gene, I'm not the only one.

News from Underground
"Siegelman Speaks! Ex-Gov Calls '02 Election 'Stolen' by the White House! Exclusive to News from Underground"
Mark Crispin Miller believes the former governor of Alabama has been unjustly imprisoned, but to believe that you have to believe the Justice Department is partisan and corrupt.

"Iran And The EFP Causus Belli"
Back in August Cernig presciently predicted that Iran's nuclear program would begin to wane as justification for attacking them. But all hope is not lost for those who are dying for a reason to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

No More Mister Nice Blog
"Is it Christopher Hitchens or Dwight Schrute?"
Steve M. finds an uncanny resemblance between what the character played by Rain Wilson on The Office says and what the character played by Christopher Hitchens writes. Can you tell their quotes apart?

The Nose On Your Face
"Asterisk Says It Wants No Part of Barry Bonds Record; Suggests Question Mark 'Step Up For Once'"
R.H. Potfry eats, shoots and leaves in this post from his always hilarious blog.

Nourishing Obscurity
"Misandry as Destructive as Misogyny"
James Higham makes the case that "being 'anti-bitterness' between the genders … does not necessarily constitute being 'anti-women.'"

"Thank You Mr. American"
Butch passes along a joke about an immigrant who wonders where all the Americans are.

Only Sayin'
"Why Social Conservatives Can't Keep It in their Pants"
What is it exactly that Powder Monkey thinks social conservatives can't keep in their pants?

"Those Buddhists Think of Everything"
OutOfContext meets a Buddha statue on the road and his cats kill it.

The Opinion Mill
"The Moron Magnet"
According to Steven Hart, a giant 50,000-square-foot magnet was apparently erected right next to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

"Eliminationism in America"
This must-read series about the history of racism in America by David Neiwert illustrates why some jealous members of the mainstream media would like to eliminate bloggers.

Outside the Tent
"Slavery: The Bright Side"
Clif examines Michael Medved's claim that all the wonderful virtues of slavery have been unjustly overlooked.

Pam's House Blend
"This I Believe"
Pam Spaulding decides she's had enough of people who don't know her telling us what she believes when it comes to religion in faith, so she tells us herself.

"On Pigs, Basketball, Frames, and Music"
Amanda Marcotte says that conservatives believe sex is like playing basketball and liberals believe sex is like playing music. I always thought sex was like playing Parcheesi.

(parenthetical remarks)
"Lost in Translation"
Peter Blackwell finds a Turkish politician with a name only Dick Cheney could love.

Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress
"The Barely Political Revolution"
Paul Levinson explains how the creators of the Obama Girl video "will change the nature of political campaigns forever - and for the better."

"Segmentation Genes Evolved Undesigned"
PZ Myers likens God's handiwork to that of an "idiot freshman in intro computer science" in this critique of one creationist's claims, which may end all hope of Myers' getting into heaven.

Pine View Farm
"Pre-Existing Condition"
Frank thinks he and his son should be able to get health insurance, but it wouldn't be very special if everyone could get it, would it?

"More on Neo-Nazis and Vlaams Belang"
Michael Van Der Galien writes an important piece warning of a Neo-Nazi party in Europe, which calls itself conservative but is anything but. Jonah Goldberg would probably say they are liberal.

Political Grind
"I-Man Sacked By Thought Police-Who Is Next?"
Nathan doesn't believe that the Thought Police are just here to protect us.

Reno and Its Discontents
"Nevada Is The Anna Nicole Smith of The 2008 Presidential Caucus States"
Myrna the Minx finds startling similarities between her homestate and the former Playboy Playmate of the Year and billionaire widow, except for the no longer being alive part.

Republic of T
"The Queer Thing About School Shooters, Pt. 2"
In a series on school shootings of the last few years, Terrance finds a common thread that links all of these young men.

Right Wing Nut House
"Iraq: Quit or Commit"
Rick Moran joins "a growing chorus of conservatives who are becoming very critical of our involvement" in Iraq. Sadly, I've been forced to report Mr. Moran to the NSA.

"Wingnut War Lust"
Rightwingsnarkle taunts a true American patriot. Shouldn't there be a law against that?

Robert's Stochastic Thoughts
"The Price is Wrong"
Robert calculates if biosequestering carbon, by burying wood in the desert or sinking it in the ocean, would be more economical than reducing carbon emissions in Europe.

Robin Slick: In Her Own Write
"Typhoons and Earthquakes"
Robin Slick, "the mother of 2/3 of the Adrian Belew Trio," writes about their tour in Japan, where nothing much happened unless you count a couple natural disasters. Be sure to check out the eerie mural of the World Trade Center in one picture. Their adventures continue in Part II.

Roger Ailes
"Reasons to Be Thankful, Part 3"
Roger Ailes goes all soft on us.

"Who Is This John Chow Anyway?"
You, too, can make money online by telling people how John Chow makes money online by telling people how to make money online. Or not.

Sadly, No!
"Gavin Don't Eat It! (Part III)"
The chilling denouement to Gavin M's "terrible and shame-wracked story," which begins here and continues here.

Seeing the Forest
"The Boy Who Cried Terror"
Dave Johnson thinks we need to impeach the President because no one believes the government's terror warnings anymore. I think he's just crying wolf.

Self-Styled Siren
"Father's Day with John Ford"
Campaspe remembers her father and his love for John Ford's How Green Was My Valley, starring Donald Crisp as "one of the most lovable fathers in screen history."

"What Women Want"
Surprisingly, what Melissa McEwan wants is not quite exactly the same as what Phyllis Schlafly wants.

The Sideshow
"Just Shut Up"
Avedon Carol applies a rhetorical taser those who seem to forget we have a First Amendment.

Simply Left Behind
"Meditations on Nine Eleven"
"Call this a prayer. Call this a meditation. Call this an affirmation, sermon, an essay, whatever you like. This comes from my heart, and is something I've been meaning to say for a while," explains Carl.

Sisyphus Shrugged
"Where's Bill?"
Julia wonders when the Catholic League's William Donohue will get around to denouncing that pro-gay, pro-choice New York politician running for President. Not that one, the one who likes to wear dresses.

skippy the bush kangaroo
"nsbp: the dreadful new strain of ted barlow disease"
Dr. skippy, who isolated the first known strain of Ted Barlow Disease, discovers another dreaded illness that only strikes bloggers, Napoleon Syndrome by Proxy.

The Spitting Vessel
"Sinatra's Stardome Stamped"
With the U.S. Postal Service honoring Frank Sinatra with his own stamp, Durano Lawayan wonders what Sinatra songs the presidential candidates should sing.

"Get You a Room at the Rhythm Ranch"
SteveAudio tells us about the very charming religious cult that built the President's ranch.

Streak's Blog
"Home Improvement Monday"
Streak spends a long, profanity-laced day that will not be turned into a sitcom starring Tim Allen.

Susie Bright's Journal
"The Night I Stopped Believing"
Susie Bright remembers the day in 1967 that Sister Jude came into class without her habit and started talking about Vietnam, and her prayer to God that night: "I'm not going to believe in you anymore, and I hope you don't get too mad."

Talking Dog
"TD Blog Interview with Donald Rumsfeld"
Seth is justly acclaimed for his exclusive interviews with terrorism experts and former Guantanamo inmates and their attorneys, but many were surprised when the former Secretary of Defense agreed to talk to him.

Talking in Circles
"I Feel Sick"
Surfing the Internet, Mike V. finds a mother asking for advice on a message board after her son tells her he's gay. Then he discovers the shocking outcome.

Taylor Marsh
"Russert Leads the Boys in All Out Clinton Assault"
Taylor Marsh finds out what was on that mysterious piece of paper Tim Russert waved when he grilled Hillary Clinton.

This Is So Gay
"Gay Christians Say the Darnedest Things!"
The Promiscuous Reader wishes that gay Christians would get their facts straight, so to speak.

Three O'Clock in the Morning
"Right on Target"
Emawkc offers some simple suggestions for how to cut down on all those Kansas City shopping mall shootings.

Tom Watson
"Well, I'm Southbound"
Tom Watson takes his kids on an eye-opening trip to historical sites down south and finds the past is nearer than you think. And be sure to check out Newcritics, the cultural criticism site he founded in 2007, which has featured a number of bloggers in this round-up.

Unintentional Irony
"Patch 22"
James Killus tells us that Patch 22 can do just about anything. Is there a catch?

Unruly Duckling
"Better Living Through Chemistry"
"If you feel bad, you should take the drugs," Unruly Duckling says.

Steven Poole says that "imminent" doesn't really mean what Condoleezza Rice says she meant it to mean when she called Iraq an "imminent threat," but that depends on what you think "means" means.

Vagabond Scholar
"How to Hear a True War Story"
From World War II to Vietnam to Iraq, civilians have rarely heard true war stories, says Batocchio.

Velvet Blog
"Looking Ahead to The Velvet Blog's Series Finale"
Many are wondering how The Velvet Blog will end. Whatever Jim Donahue decides, we hope it doesn't make millions of Americans think their computers are broken and then get really angry about how lame it was.

"Bush 'Shoot-up and Go A-w-w-w' Plan for Afghanistan a Success"
Bill Arnett comes to his senses and realizes President Bush's plan for Afghanistan is going splendidly.

"Blogging for LGBT Families: The Day After"
Becoming a gay divorcée brings it all back home for Virgotex.

"On Johnnie Burton"
MB Williams reports on Rejane "Johnnie" Burton, Director of the Mineral Management Service in the Interior Department, who accidentally gave oil companies a $10 billion windfall. Whoops!

Welcome to Pottersville
"An Open Letter to Melanie Morgan"
Jurassicpork pens a mash note to the conservative talk show host who never actually said she thought Nancy Pelosi should be killed.

We Move to Canada
"Better Living Through Canada"
L-girl says her blood pressure dropped after moving to Canada, which is just what those sneaky Canadians want you to think.

William K. Wolfrum
"To Save America, We Need the Black Death"
William K. Wolfrum has a very simple plan for restoring the sense of community our country has lost to partisan bickering.

"Speaker Pelosi's Copyright/Trademark Problem"
Kevin Aylward catches the Speaker of the House using copyrighted C-SPAN videos without permission, leading to a landmark change in the way C-SPAN licenses its content for use on blogs. Thanks, Kevin.

Woman Honor Thyself
"Modesty in the WorkPlace"
Just as I have long advocated modesty in the blogosphere, Angel believes we need more modesty in the workplace.

"D’Souza: The Tequila Strikes Back!"
Scott Clevenger salutes Dinesh D'Souza, who bravely supports the ideas of Osama Bin Laden, while quibbling with some of the terrorist's more extreme methods.

The Writer's Block
"Interview with Ellen Datlow, Award-Winning Editor"
Advice for writers from the editor of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, who has worked with such authors as Stephen King, Ursula LeGuin and William Gibson, and some famous ones as well.

Writhe Safely
"Because Enduring Ennobles We Won't Be Discussing That"
"There is no cure," Flawedplan says, "and there doesn’t need to be."

"Brokedown Dreamhouses of a New York Suburb"
Although Kai Chang may have found the American dream in a quiet New York suburb, a Guatemalan immigrant wasn't so lucky.

And finally...

Jon Swift
"Jonah Goldberg's Shining (Liberal Fascism with LOLcats)"
I guess it's only fair that since I asked everyone to choose his or her own best blog post of the year, which some likened to Sophie's Choice (implying, I think, that I am a Nazi), I should be forced to do the same. After much consideration, I think I will have to go with the piece that I slaved over the most, which also proves Jon Swift's Corollary: "When in doubt in the blogosphere, go with cat pictures."

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The Factician said...

Thanks for including me. And thanks for all the great content in 2007.


Friðvin said...

Quite a massive assembly! You done good, Jon! Thank you for your efforts which obviously were substantial!

billyjacksblog said...

What an honor to be included in this list of awesome talent! I feel a little out of place among some of these talented people, but I greatly appreciate your including me. It is a great collection to which I will be referring again and again!

Carl said...


You have provided enough reading here to distract me past the Nov 2008 election, when us good conservatives will have to leave the nation to the "liberals"...

Anonymous said...

A Herculean effort! This shall keep me from the temptation to watch the Golden Compass again.

mw said...

I am overwhelmed by being included me in this fine compilation.

Still, I would be remiss in not pointing out, that although Jon only asked for one nomination, I also submitted my most commented post of August 01, 2007: Announcing: The Partisan Reflections on Pissant Provocateurs Award.

I'll admit that I suspected that my recent conversion to Republicanism would not be considered to have sufficiently pandered to Jon's reasonably conservative nature to be included. Therefore I also nominated that alternative post, where Jon Swift was one of only five blogs to be honored as an inaugural recipient of the prestigious "Pissy" Award, an honor which was richly deserved but has never been acknowledged to this day.

That said, I am so overcome with emotion by being nominated by me for inclusion in this compilation
(I like me! I really like me!)
that I have decided to begin the new year with a particularly magnaminous gesture. I am hereby awarding all of the bloggers in this compilation with a "Pissy" of their own. Congratulations One and All!

Just go the above linked post, grab the badge, and follow the rules like a good and reasonable conservative.

Dave said...

Holy Smoke, Jon! You must have worked nights and weekends to do that.

THAT is the post of the year!

Thanks for including us. And have a great 2008.

Now... get some sleep.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jon! A huge honor to be included in this group. Thanks, too, for the upcoming evenings of good reading. Only half of these blogs are familiar to me. Loved what you said about my post, except--it sure didn't make me feel like a virgin. So if you'd think it would work for Madonna, I gotta wonder: what's it gonna take for me?
PS. I've tried religion.

SteveAudio said...

I'm proud to be included in this group. Thanks, Jon, for the work in putting this up, and to all the other bloggers for their fine work.

Jim Donahue said...

Wow! Quite a wonderful, wide-ranging selection. It's an honor to be included.

Best wishes for 2008.

Brando said...

Thanks for asking us for submissions, Jon, and for including me. I can't wait to read through all of these.

jurassicpork said...

Wow. I had no idea that there were so many liberal blogs out there vying for attention. How alarming.

Thanks for the induction into greatness, as our Great Dear Leader would say.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I have a bit of reading ahead of me.

Thanks again for including me in the list.

Mustang Bobby said...

Thank you, Jon. It's a great honor to be included with this august collection.

DiscordianStooge said...

What an honor. You must be so happy that I participated in your post.

Anonymous said...

Hoo-boy. I'm overwhelmed. This is one of those blog posts I'm gonna have to bookmark because there is no way to soak it all up (in what's left of) this year, and do the authors justice. Ya know, most places might have called this a book. It's a bit beyond a mere compilation. Congrats, all!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Jon Swift. (But... why so many liberals?)

Johnny Pez said...

I would like to thank the Academy on behalf of myself and my computer. I would also like to thank God and/or the Muse for inspiring me to write the post I eventually nominated (even though I changed my mind at the last minute and substitute-nominated this post, something Jon failed to catch).

For everyone who was nominated by mw for one of his Pissy Awards, I'd like to point out that he himself created the award as a way of putting himself at the top of an award link pyramid. Feel free to replicate his feat by declining his Pissy and creating a blog award of your own instead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jon...

You've put a lot of work into this project. I have been enjoying the posts.

I going to bookmark the url and read some these fine posts everyday.

Lotus said...

Good job, Jon. Thanks for the considerable effort this clearly took.

Fausta said...

Thank you very much for including me. It's an honor to be in such company!

Deborah Newell said...

Thank you ever so much for doing this, Mr. Swift. I can only imagine how many hours of work went into the reading, linking, and compiling of all these wonderful posts. And I am truly honored to be included among so many Seriously Talented Writers, you foremost among them (your LOLcat post was one of my favorites, too--don't ask me to narrow it down to a single piece, pretty please).

So then, a big CHEERS to you, and while we're at it, let's all keep the glasses raised and drink to a very Blue 2008.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

It's like a dream come true, in alphabetical order.

Fearguth said...

All I need now is an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Award, a Nobel Prize, and my life will be complete.

J. said...

letting 1,000 flowers bloom (as Chiang Kai-shek once said)


Jonah is really having an effect on people, ain't he?

Lord Nazh said...

Thanks for the link Jon :)

Did you deliberately make me sound like a blood-thirsty racist with that snip to drive traffic my way?

(if you did, it worked somewhat, but no comments)

Unknown said...

I must have missed the invitation. Damn.

Still, this has got to be the most magnanimous thing any blogger has ever done to and for other bloggers, bar none. Even if you were some bush-league nobody like moi,it would have been a grand and generous gesture. But when it comes from someone so highly-rated, no wonder the recipients are touched.

And just so it's clear I'm not sucking up for preferential treatment, I have no favourite post of mine of 2007, because they were all good at the time. I have a good one on Ann Coulter and Amazon ads for gaffs (qv) showing right now, though, if anyone's interested in that.

Thanks Swifty, and Happy New Year to you.

Micgar said...

Hey Jon-thanks for including my post! Its quite an honor to be here! Like Kathleen Maher said, this is going to be some good reading going through all these interesting blogs!

mw said...

"For everyone who was nominated by mw for one of his Pissy Awards, I'd like to point out that he himself created the award as a way of putting himself at the top of an award link pyramid..."- Johnny Pez

First, I have to thank Mr. Pez for reading my post and distilling it for the benefit of other readers. This is such a useful service, that I feel compelled to return the favor by providing a Cliff's Notes version of the post JP linked in his comment and really wanted Jon to pick for this compilation:

Summary of JP's preferred "Best of 2007" post:
Goldberg is writing a book about Liberal Fascism. Siegel wrote a column on blogo-fascism.They should collaborate.

He says some other stuff, but thats the essence of it. Happy to provide the service.

That karmic debt settled, I should comment on JP's rooting out the nefarious intent of the "Pissy Award". I still don't understand how he figured it out. I thought I was being so subtle. I wonder if was the link to Wikipedia entry on Pyramid schemes that tipped him off? Or the graphic in the post of a pyramid with the detailed explanation of crushing reality of the mathematics of geometric progression? No I don't think anyone would pick up on those clues. Perhaps I was too obvious when I dug up the origins of "Thinking Blog Award", and the "Reflections Award" and showed how it impacted the technorati ratings of the award originators. I don't know. Something tipped him off. Anyway - JP goes on to offer everyone here some truly good advice:

"Feel free to replicate his feat by declining his Pissy and creating a blog award of your own instead." - JP

Genius. But reading it, I had a deja vu experience... Oh yeah. The advices was remarkably similar to the advice I gave to Pete Abel in the comments of the above referenced "Pissy" post:

"Here is my real suggestion for you. Write a post expressing your righteous indignation at my blatant link-whoring and refuse the award as a matter of principle. Then announce a new award that looks exactly the same except it has your logo/picture pasted on it, and all the links stripped out and replaced with links to your blog. With great fanfare present the new award to five bloggers you like. If everybody offered unique blog specific awards and links only to blogs they like, links would again be used primarily to link related and relevant content." - mw

Great minds think alike, eh JP?

Well anyway, that advice is no longer operative. It was offered before bloggers actually started forwarding the meme and driving up my Technorati rating. Now I just need everyone to pick up their awards, forward it on per the rules, and get on with your lives.

Thanks again JP.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Jon!..I must remember to link to this!..what a phenomenal effort u put forth!..woohoo...thanks thanks thanks for including me with this ecclectic, incredible bunch!
You da bomb!..o wait thats not to PC is it?

Julia said...

You know, as my girl Lorelei Lee always maintained, it rocks to have conservative fans.

Thanks for rounding this up. There are things here I never would have read, and I'm glad I did.

Saskboy said...

Excellent list. It's so much better than the average Top 10 list, because it's like, way more than 10 in this list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the post from The Bilerico Project, Jon. If anyone knows were they serve Atkins desserts, please let me know. We're still trying to organize a boycott after the stricken man's mother told the court, "I'd rather he die than return with that man." That man being, of course, his partner of 26 years.

Protests in Indiana have already shut down their retail store. Now we need to go after the suppliers.

Anonymous said...

Yahoots, I made it! Thank you Jon Swift for this delectable holiday spread. All the best to you and your readers in the coming Blue year.

Anonymous said...

Lovely list, Jon. Many thanks for all the good stuff to read that I'd missed!

Carl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathy said...

Thank you for this recognition, Jon. I feel enormously complimented to be part of a round-up like this, and especially with so many excellent posts among the others included in it.

And NO, I was NOT referring to you in the title of my post. Sorry, but you don't meet the stated qualifications for membership in that group. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, Mr. Swift. I have read some bloggers I never would have found without your post. Some I will never click on again, of course, but others I expect to become favorites.

LitPark said...

Love Robin Slick's and Susie Bright's entries. Will check out some others, too.

Carl said...

Oh, sir, mea culpa. Mea MAXIMA culpa!

I was not aware that the people of the Great Orange Land had already began a petition to have Jonah Goldberg's book enshrined in the pantheon of great literature alongside the most immortal of authors!

I was fortunately corrected by someone in the know, and must make amends!

Please forgive my bloghogging:

In an effort to have Jonah Goldberg's book forever linked with Blogtopia (© Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo) we should Googlebomb it so it never goes away.

So here's to Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning , also known more simply as Liberal Fascism

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, and thanks for linking to my post. And Happy New Year.

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks for the link, and thanks for compiling this--I feel honored to be in such fine company.

Dan Leo said...

Great idea, Jon, admirably executed. It is indeed bracing to be in such raffish but urbane company. No offense to the suburbane intended.

Although I wonder if anyone else wondered in the chilling light of a few days later, "Why in the hell did I choose THAT post to submit to Jon?"

My excuse was that I was stoned.

RobinSlick said...

Et tu, Dan Leo?

Tsk tsk to both of us, and on a conservative blog, yet.

Seriously, Mr. Swift - thank you for a stellar job and including my linkage. You have provided me with enough reading material to last through February, 2008, even if I am a raging liberal who wants to kick major ass here.

Just kidding.

No I'm not.

But for all your hard work and your equally sick sense of humor, I salute you.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and, erm, PEACEFUL New Year...assuming the conservatives will allow that.


Chuck Butcher said...

It is now obvious that I must publicly appologize to the esteemed Swift for having egomanically demanded that he pick one of two posts. It should have been obvious to me that a blogroll of this extent would lead to a few submissions. The only excuse I can offer for such self-centered behaviour is that it was late at night when I began to sort through 450 posts.

The only mitigating factor in this is the extent to which he has now expanded my reading commitments and probable expansion of my own blogroll.

Thanks Jon for undertaking a truly demanding task, we all are indebted. I am suitably humbled.

Nate said...

Wow Jon! This is a great post. Thanks very much.

In retrospect, I should have included cats in my pick or submitted this post about cats.

Duncan Mitchel said...

This is really generous of you all right, Jon. I'm really honored to be included in that listing.

I guess "conservatives" are really quite nice people after all. You've almost converted me. 9-)

Island Bookworm said...

Whoah. I guess that's the last time you'll be doing that! Thanks for the plug. :)

Miss Cellania said...

I am honored and hummbled to be included in such august company. Even in December. Thank you, Mr. Sqift, and Happy New year!

Phillybits said...

Oh, I see....

This is Jon Swift's variation on Atrios' blogroll amnesty. He picks his A-list bloggers and ask for their best posts but as for the everyday bloggers who so graciously provide a reciprocal link back to Mr. Swift's blog, well...

...clearly somone isn't feeling very reciprocal this time of year.


Merry Christmas, Jon, and Happy New Year!

Carol said...

(sigh) Maybe next year...
Great talent you have assembled here Jon!

OutOfContext said...

You, sir, are practically an anarchist. Congratulations.

field negro said...

Great job Jon!

I am glad I could add a little ...ahem, diversity to this list :)

Anonymous said...

Jon, thanks for inviting me to the party and for all the time you put into this. (It's too bad you hate to read.) And, of course, Happy New Year!

jurassicpork said...

I linked to this in my "Twenty Bucks, Same as in Town" post. I dunno why it's not coming up on the list of links.

slag said...

Amazing job! I'm torn between being sad that the Some of Nothing Blog isn't on your roll and being pleased that its absence saved you some work. Now, I'll have to go listen to some Rush Limbaugh to get rid of these icky abstruse feelings. Hope you're happy.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please provide us with a summation of Jon's reviews of these blog posts? As a closet conservative, I find them much too long winded. Perhaps Karl Rove or someone with his credentials could provide us with a bumper sticker slogan for each blog post so that we could fully understand what the listed windbags really said.

Libby Spencer said...

Thanks so much for putting this together and including me on this list of incredibly talented bloggers. You're the best Jon.

The Sailor said...

Great job Jon, I can't imagine all the hard work that went into this project.

Happy blogiversary, blogtopia (y,wksctp!) wouldn't be the same without you.

darrelplant said...

Why isn't my post at the top?

enigma4ever said...

wow..this was an incredible list, and I know where I will be spending New years thank you for putting this whole list together....

I have definently added you to my blogroll over at Watergate Summer...

thank you....

JasonC said...

damn, i missed out on this. anyway, here's mine. this campaign update is mildly amusing, as well.

mw said...

Dammit Jon! I just knew this was going to happen.

You publish a "Best of 2007" list on December 27th??? Earth to Jon! There are four more days in 2007 after your list was published.

Well, what can I tell you. The worst has happened. I just posted "Republican Like Me." which is a far, far better post than my previous favorite "Blogger changes party affiliation" that was the nomination you linked in this compilation.

So let me just net this out. We need some clarification here. Are your blogroller posts from 27-Dec-07 to 31-Dec-07 to be included in the "Best of 2008" pool? or are you going to post a 2007 supplement? I don't see any other alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for participating in the Inaugural Edition of The Seventh Day, my new weekly blog carnival!

Remember that submissions are accepted through Saturdays at noon (Pacific time) and the Canrival is posted every Sunday at On the Horizon!

Drop by and check out all the wonderful posts included in the very first edition! Hope you’ll participate again.

Blessings to you!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I'm not there!

Save the Oocytes! said...

This was indeed a very generous thing to do. I wish you'd posted my oocyte page, but then again, it kind of sucks, so I understand.

SandyCarlson said...

You've been busy!

Happy New Year!

ecthompson said...

Outstanding amount of work. Congratulations.

PS. I'll submit something next time.

ema said...

Thank you! A great read.

Robert K. Blechman said...

I'd like to self-nominate my own best post from my blog "A Model Media Ecologist" titled "Intelligent Design" which can be found at

Happy New Year!

Bob Blechman

Carl said...

Well played to be linked by the liberal scum N Y Times, sir! Now our plan is in motion.

Anonymous said...

I heard that your name was in the NY Times, so I dutifully went to their "search the NY Times archives" -I went back all the way to 1981.
Here's what I got:

But in two sets of e-mail messages leaked to British news organizations later in the week, mid-ranking officers voiced serious complaints. On Thursday, Maj. Jon Swift said in a message from Afghanistan, “The scale of casualties has not been properly reported and shows no sign of reducing.’’ His comments were posted on a regimental Web site, but were quickly withdrawn, the domestic Press Association news agency reported.

That was the only reference to Jon Swift in their search engine. Obviously this is a conspiracy or Jon joined the British Military and became a major and didn't tell us.

Fortunately Mrs. Batard provided me with the proper link.

This proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that the NY Times blacklists conservatives, particularly the conservative with the most unimpeachable credentials of them all. Not only that, they tried to imply that our very own Mr. Swift wants to hype the number of war dead by actually reporting the true number of those killed in action.

PS: Jon, why are you fighting for those Brits, with their socialized medicine and all that? I thought you were on our side.

Ali Gator said...

I missed the blogroll, so here's my link. Ali Gator: this is an update to a post I did about the woman raped in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks for linking to me Jon!

Liberal Jewess said...

Hi, FYI, it was Mao who ran the "Hundred Flowers Campaign:" "Let a hundred flowers bloom, let the hundred schools of thought contend." Many historians believe that it was a ploy by Mao to draw out dissenters, for future political persecution and "re-education"

But thanks for all the great posts!

Anonymous said...

John Swift made the NY Times Opinionator blog and has received only THREE comments. I urge my fellow Swiftians to go on over to the Opionator blog and let the NY Times know how much Jon Swift is appreciated.

How many times does a conservative get to be featured in a blog at the NY Times anyway. After akll, Judith Miller got kicked off the Times because some said she was too vocal in supporting our glorious adventure in Iraq.

Now's your chance to get revenge. Click on the link on my name above and let the editors of the NY Times have a dose of our own unique conservative ideology.

James Higham said...

Fabulous read - it will take days to get through this lot! Congratulations.

Bob King said...

This post was so popular it's being stolen. I was torn. Traffic is nice.But traffic from suckass spammers annoys me.

Oh, look, a fellow blogger blogger.

I tried to report him, but apparently you have to do that.

Anonymous said...

This is a very comprehensive list huh!! And this year is already ending, do you have new research going to put a similar list for this year 2008? I have visited most in the list and indeed they rock! You have had good reasons in choosing them then., I linked you in one of my blogs so I will see then in few days or weeks if there is a new list for this year.. More power and more success to John Swift... So long Bloggers!

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Marc Norris said...

I really love the "best of" types of posts. I see that they are very themed for the day and age.. back in 2007. lol

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