Monday, December 29, 2008

Best Blog Posts of 2008 (Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves)

Last year my compilation of what bloggers chose as their own best posts of the year proved so popular, at least with the participating bloggers' mothers, that I have decided to make it an annual affair. But enjoy it while you can. When the Obama Administration institutes its secret plan to extend the Fairness Doctrine to the Internet, this blog, and many others listed here that express one particular point of view, will no doubt be shut down. Democrats, of course, will be exempt because if you are looking for an opposing point of view from them, all you have to do is wait a day or two: one day they love Obama, the next day they're denouncing him.... Let's just say it's going to be a very long four years.

Last year I limited participation to bloggers on my very eclectic blogroll (which was not too onerous a requirement since under this conservative blog's Liberal Blogrolling Policy I will blogroll anyone who blogrolls me, with the exception of spam, porn or other egregiously offensive blogs). But this year I have also thrown open the doors to some surprise special guests who have not yet seen the wisdom of adding me to their blogroll, but have some interesting things to say. (If you're already on my blogroll, however, and you somehow missed my email or holiday obligations prevented you from sending in your entry on time, please email me rather than leaving poor excuses or bitter remonstrances in the comments, and I'll see if I can squeeze you in if I haven't yet succumbed to complete exhaustion.)

It's no surprise that there are quite a few posts about the election this year and perhaps when the history of this campaign is written, historians will look at these posts to get an idea of what people were thinking as it was taking place. They may conclude that the Chinese were right about living in interesting times. The bloggers represented below run the political gamut, from conservative to anti-America, but in addition to politics, they also write about movies, music, television, books, dance, education, fashion, travel, food, economics, health care, science, technology, religion and history and share personal stories, poetry and fiction. There is surely something here that will interest you and probably something to offend you, as well, but that at least might make you think. I'm afraid if I were to invite everyone in this roundup to sit together at a dinner party, I would have to hide the good china, and even then the evening might end with a visit from the police. And as we have seen when Obama has tried to reach across the aisle, it is a thankless task, so I am sure a few slings and arrows will be directed my way. But just in case you find your blood pressure rising as you read some of these entries, I have created an original series of soothing lolcats, which have been scientifically proven to induce a calming effect, to look at as you scroll down.

These posts aren't ranked by quality or traffic statistics and there are no winners and losers. They weren't selected by a committee of experts or voted on in a popularity contest. They represent only what each blog or blogger believes was his or her blog's best work of the year. Last year, I listed them in alphabetical order, which required constantly consulting the alphabet. This year I made things easier on myself and listed them in the order they were received. So you could say they are ranked in reverse order of laziness and procrastination. I'm sure you'll be interested in seeing what your favorite bloggers think were their best posts of the year, but be sure to also visit some blogs you've never read before and leave a nice comment if you like what you see or, if you must, a polite demurral if you do not. So without further ado, here are the self-nominated best blog posts of 2008. Let the clicking begin.

Greg Laden's Blog
The Zodiac
Greg Laden evades hippos and pirates in the Congo. The horror! The horror!

Sisyphus Shrugged
Is Anyone Else Just the Tiniest Bit Tired of Getting Played?
Julia gets to the bottom of all those Hillary supporters who refused to support Obama. It turns out they were all the same person.

Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress
I'm a Progressive Libertarian
If Paul Levinson is a “progressive libertarian,” I must be a "regressive authoritarian."

Clark’s Picks
Frankie and Johnny
Clark’s Picks recounts the history of “Frankie and Johnny,” a song that might have appeared on Guns N Roses' Chinese Democracy if only Axl Rose had had a little more time.

Ken Levine
My Tenth Annual Oscars Review
Ken Levine reviews the Oscars and asks, "We ended the writers strike for THIS?" I think it's meant to be a rhetorical question.

Pine View Farm
Bushonomics and Original Sin
Frank blames Bush for the bad economy when we all know it was the fault of that infernal, dad-burned Roosevelt.

Tom Watson
Barack Oboomer
Tom Watson, author of the recent book CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World, reminds us that Barack Obama is a baby boomer even though he seems much younger and doesn't claim he tried to go to Woodstock or can't remember large chunks of his youth because he was having so much fun.

David Ehrenstein’s Fablog
“And We Won’t Come Home. . .”
After watching WALL-E, David Ehrenstein is reminded of Hello, Dolly! and the tragic death of one of its stars, which is probably what a lot of people were thinking when they saw WALL-E.

Welcome Back To Pottersville
They Want to Do Bad Things to You
Mike Flannigan likens Republicans to the vampires in True Blood. I'm sure he means that in a good way.

The Nihilists are Revolting
Montag explains David Brooks and sub-prime mortgages, neither of which makes much sense.

Saying Nothing
Steven Poole sicks the thought police on those who make make cheap references to Orwell.

Whiskey Fire
A Contest Featuring Human Beings
Thers tries to elevate the political dialogue by informing us, “Your favorite candidate sucks.”

Chuck For…
Warfare Is What It Is
Chuck Butcher says that war isn’t really a glorious adventure but is actually full of violence and horror. I don't remember the media reporting on this.

A Blog Around the Clock
The Nobel Prize Conundrum
Coturnix explains the negative side of the Nobel Prizes, besides the fact that there isn’t one for blogging.

Informed Comment
Barack Hussein Obama, Omar Bradley, Benjamin Franklin and other Semitically Named American Heroes
Juan Cole says that Barack Hussein Obama should be as proud of his name as Abraham Hussein Lincoln and John Hussein Adams were.

Rightwing Snarkle
Songbird's Swan Song
Rightwingsnarkle claims that George Bush says that John McCain wasn't tortured in Vietnam.

We Vote
Amba's heart and head mud wrestle over whether to vote for Obama or McCain.

Man Eegee
Man Eegee's Guide to Meaningful Latino Outreach
Man Eegee offers free advice on how to reach out to Latinos. Apparently, hiring a mariachi band and serving tamales is not enough.

Woman Honor Thyself
That’s HoT!..NOT
Don't say that Angel's post about gender differences is "hot." I'm warning you.

Dan Leo
Dan Leo shares an excerpt from the sprawling memoirs of Arnold Schnabel, Philadelphia's famous "Rhyming Brakeman."

Your Mumia Sweatshirt Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore
Tbogg visits some Ralph Nader voters in Happy Gumdrop Fairy-Tale Land and kills them.

Total Dickhead
Next Stop Pottersville
Ragle Gumm writes about the eerie similarities betweeen Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life and Philip K. Dick's novels. I had forgotten about the scene where Jimmy Stewart kills the replicant.

Dinosaur Trader
Another Lesson in Perspective
DT takes a break from accumulating mass quantities of wealth to catch an epic wave and have an epiphany. He has also done a roundup similar to this one for stock market bloggers.

Barking Rabbits
Professor Harold Hill, Prototypical Republican?
Zeppo informs us that President Bush's foreign and domestic policy are based on a system first described in The Music Man.

Genuine Ideas
Always Remembered, Never Forgotten
Jaesoreal will never forget how everything changed on August 24, 2006, the day we lost Pluto.

Simply Left Behind
On the 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination Carl remembers what the Senator did for his family.

Bug Girl's Blog
I Have Pubic Lice in My Mailbox
Entomologist Bug Girl writes a blog post that has finally left me speechless.

Drifting Through the Grift
The In Between
Obama's "race speech" inspires Griftdrift to think about how race has impacted his "very typical" southern family.

Talking Dog
The Empire Republic Strikes Back?
Andy Worthington explains what a great job we are doing living up to the ideals expressed in a really old document written in 1776.

Cinema Viewfinder
Seventies Cinema Revival: The Godfather
As a relatively new father Tony Dayoub reflects on the relationship between Don Corleone and his son. We all hope and pray that his child doesn't get pulled into the world of blogging the way Michael Corleone ended up in the Mafia.

Barking at the 'Net
Erik Hare says there are two types of writing on the Internet: talking and barking, which must be why some of my commenters treat me as a chew toy.

Kingsom of Chaos
Anniversary of the Entente Cordiale
Jefe Maximo writes about the 1904 treaty of friendship between Great Britain and France, which led to the destruction of old Europe, though it apparently had no effect on British cuisine or French manners.

Michael Bérubé
More on Peter Singer and Jamie Bérubé
"Sometimes, the internet really is an amazing thing," writes Michael Bérubé, "in which you write a blog post that takes issue with Peter Singer’s characterization of the capabilities of people with Down syndrome, and then find, a few weeks later, an email from Peter Singer in your inbox."

Robin Slick
On Tour with The Adrian Belew Power Trio
Robin Slick goes on tour with her kids, who make up 2/3 of the Adrian Belew Power Trio, and watches them play in front of 100,000 people with two members of King Crimson and Les Claypool from Primus. "Can you imagine what it was like for a lifelong rocker like me?" she says.

Autism News Beat
Developmental Delay
The father of an autistic child finds that World Autism Awareness Day "exposes some of the more enduring misconceptions that reporters still hold about autism."

Graphic Truth
Science, Ethics and Truth-Testing
Bob King invokes the ghost of William Buckley in the debate over whether science should be abolished.

Darrel Plant
The Audacity of OPE or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Obama
Darrel Plant discusses repeated attempts to declare the death of satire, from the Kennedy assassination to Obama's election, and has bad news for those of us who hoped that this comedy menace can finally be stamped out for good.

Velvet Blog
William Carlos Williams Mad-Libs
Jim Donahue shows you how to create your own William [Spanish proper name] Williams poem.

Creek Running North
Letter from the Desert: The Cronise Cat
Chris Clarke has a conversation with a 700-foot-tall Mojave cat and his readers slowly back away shaking their heads sadly.

Rude Pundit
Time to Rub Their F---ing Faces in It
Rude Pundit reaches across the aisle in his own special way.

Liberal Veteran
Goodbye and Good Luck
WTN describes what it was like to say goodbye to his wife when he was deployed to Iraq.

Kiko’s House
The Saga of the Cedars: When Bad Things Happen to Good Christian Conservatives
Times are tough for good Christian families like the Cedars, says Shaun Mullen.

Publius Endures
The Myth of the Moderate -- Why the "Political Center" Is Meaningless
Mark believes the political center cannot hold.

NYC Educator
The American Center
NYC Educator says, "Let's have more thoroughly uncritical coverage of [DC Schools Chancellor Michelle] Rhee and her utter lack of accomplishment." OK, let's.

Well Informed Citizenry
Thunter thinks this little glitch we are having in the economy means we have to get rid of Reaganomics.

Jerome Corsi Deported from Kenya -- The (Real) True Story!
Obama Nation author Jerome Corsi's getting thrown out of Kenya.

Wallstreet Jackass
Higher taxes and Investment Advice
Wallstreet Jackass, who says he "called 20 of the last 2 recessions," has some advice for weathering this economic downturn.

Whatever Happened to Spandex?
J misses her old purple Fiorucci dress made out of spandex, which her mother told her was "God's gift to men."

2009 Investment Tips
Butch Morgan has some inside information on upcoming mergers. Don't tell Martha Stewart.

Well-Timed Period
Leslee Unruh Is a Closeted Communist
Ema, whose blog, I think, is usually about punctuation, writes about legislation to protect the health of women, which she apparently opposes.

Bobo Files
BoBo asks why African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans continue to vote Democrat even though history shows it has been the Democrats who have been the racists. Can anyone answer his question?

The Whited Sephulcre
How To Teach Creationism
wonders why teachers don't simply give in and start teaching Creationism, but with their own slant on the topic. "Doing so would quickly take the debate off the table," he says.

Olly’s Onions
Republicans Urge Drilling for Snake Oil
Chive Turkey comes out in favor of offshore snake oil drilling.

The Agonist
Who Got It Right
Numerian points out modestly that The Agonist predicted what would happen to the economy long before many of the experts did. OK, smart guy, what's going to happen next?

James Governor's Monkchips
Asymmetrical Follow: A Core Web 2.0 Pattern
James Governor ponders the nature of social networks built around blogs and twitters. "Are we just just a new kind of broadcaster, or have we stumbled on a more conversational means of communication for large social networks?" he asks.

Divided We Stand
The Hero and the Queen of Darkness - A Fairy Tale for Our Time
MW predicts the primary results in parable form. "The casual reader might incorrectly assume the prediction implicit in this tale to be somewhat at variance with the actual events as they transpired," he explains. "In fact, this post was written while I was residing in a nearby parallel universe. In that universe the events played out exactly as predicted here."

Peter Martinovic
US Missile Shield Is Vital for Us
Peter Martinovic tells his fellow Europeans that there has been too much hatred toward the U.S. Yeah, stop hating us or you'll be sorry.

Foreign Policy Watch
The Long, Unfortunate Shadow of Munich
the Munich analogy and comes out in favor of appeasing dictators just like they did with Hitler.

Social Services for Feral Children
Bettie Page
An appreciation of the "sometimes sad and awful life" of model Bettie Page and her "unwanted legacy as a martyr for free expression." The post includes a picture that should probably be censored.

Micro Persuasion
The End of Tangible Media is Clearly in Sight
Steve Rubel predicts that by 2014 "almost all forms of tangible media will either be in sharp decline or completely extinct." You might want to print this post out and save it.

SayNoToCrack's Guide To Summer, Chapter 1
Chapter 1 of SayNoToCrack's indispensable guide to enjoying the summer considers the joy of berries. Something to look forward to during these long winter months.

They Gave Us A Republic
For the Record, Some of Us Never Ran Away from the Word "Liberal"
Blue Girl tells us why she's proud to call herself the "L-word."

Distributorcap NY
All the World's a Stage
Distributorcap discovers a new Shakespeare tragedy called McQane, which I must say does not sound like one of his better works.

Often Right, Rarely Correct
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
California's Proposition 8, even though it was necessary to prevent the decline Western Civilization.

Between the Hammer and the Anvil
Monopoly, Iraq Edition
Flyingrodent plays Iraq Monopoly. Do not pass Go. Do not collect three trillion dollars.

Obamadominance: Once More And Then I'll Drop It Until Next Time
Is Obama the "best gameplayer of this generation"?

Vagabond Scholar
John "100 Years" McCain
Batocchio says John McCain's "100 years" line was taken out of context, and then goes on to do a very thorough analysis of statements McCain has made about Iraq, which he believes were even worse. For those of you who may have forgotten, McCain once ran for President.

Mad Kane's Political Madness
Sarah Palin's Barracuda Blog
Mad Kane discovers Sarah Palin's secret blog.

Daily Kos
Three Times Is Enemy Action
Markos Moulitsas Zúniga nominates Devilstower's post, which links our economic woes to deregulation that began in the 1980s. But just because something doesn't work out the first few times doesn't mean we shouldn't try it again.

Rip Coco
Is David Petraeus Dirty? Ted Westhusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself...Why Has This Been Kept Quiet?
Melina says that General David Petreaeus had some very unsavory associations, which could get her arrested, or worse, if she's not careful.

How to Craft a Blog Post - 10 Crucial Points to Pause
Darren Rowse crafts a killer blog post about crafting a killer blog post. "I took more time than normal in writing (which is really what the point of it was)," he says. "I actually enjoyed the 'crafting' of those posts rather than just 'pumping them out.'" I much prefer "pumping them out," but to each his own.

Racist Reaction To The Election
Jobsanger writes about a number of disturbing racist incidents that occurred after Obama's election, which is puzzling because I thought his election ended racism.

At the Hillocks of Hysteria
Code Monkey Like Tab And Mountain Dew
Discordianstooge runs down a video game reviewer who dared to criticize Grand Theft Auto IV. I think he gets extra points for that.

Rob Singleton
Up on the Roof
Rob Singleton compares the biblical story of friends of a paralyzed man who cut a whole in a roof to get him to Jesus to be healed and some Christians today who complain about having to sit in the video café when church is full. Hopefully, this post did not start a rash of people cutting holes in the roof of his church.

Booze Cabinet
Unity, Sanctity, and Bigotry
Danny Doom doesn't so much mind unifying with Rick Warren, he just doesn't want to marry the guy.

Blue Girl in a Red Blue State
The Skimmer and I Are So Dated
Blue Girl laments the death of romance when she learns from her son that dating has become outdated. Sigh.

Saying yes...
A Question for Dan Leo
"It may not be my best post, but it shows what I love best about blogging, the conversation, the flow of ideas, the thoughts," explains the writer.

Fannie’s Room
Above the Hate: Below the Propaganda
Fannie discusses the terrible discrimination Christians face from powerful, intolerant gays in the wake of the Proposition 8 battle.

Phuck Politics
Tell Me Again How People Take Sean Hannity Serious?
Ron McKie is still not worried about vampires even after seeing Sean Hannity's very convincing investigative report on the frightening menace of the undead for Fox News. You won't see reporting like this in the mainstream media.

Poll Track
Why Obama Won--Part 1: The First Debate
In this first post of a seven-part series, Maurice Berger analyzes Barack Obama's victory from the perspective of where he thinks things matter most in elections: with voters on the ground. To see the rest of his incisive analysis, check out the November archives.

Pajama Pundit
John McCain's Losing Strategy
The Pajama Pundit begs John McCain to throw him in the briar patch.

Cocktail Party Physics
Tit for Tat
Jennifer Ouellette compares theories of physics to the men one might date. Steer clear of "Quantum Field Theory" if you don't want your heart broken, she says.

Will Puerto Rico Make or Break Hillary?
Fausta Wertz discusses the impact on the Democratic primary of Puerto Ricans, who, unlike dead Chicagoans, can't actually vote in the general election.

skippy the bush kangaroo
8-8-88: it was 20 years ago today...everything changed - a skippy musing
skippy remembers a day that will in infamy.

World o' Crap
My Abortion Made Me Impotent
Scott Clevenger looks at the real victims of abortion: Men.

Checking Capitalism's Premises
Khaled Shaheen believes there may be a flaw in capitalist theory but warns against overreaching to correct it.

Masonic Traveler
Steampunk Freemasonry
Masonic Traveler wonders if Traditional Observance Lodges are a “Steampunk” response to modern Freemasonry.

Reid Report
We Are All Katie Couric Now
Joy-Ann Reid writes about Sarah Palin's performance in the vice-presidential debate, which she claims was not the triumph everyone else thought it was.

Pope Benedict Holding Private Audience with Roger the Shrubber
Fearguth calls his work "an offspring of the civil union of Roger Price's Droodles with Monty Python's Flying Circus" which I believe is now illegal in California with the passage of Propostition 8.

Phil Nugent Experience
Those Satisfactions Are Permanent
Phil Nugent writes about the movie Two Lane Blacktop and says he was shocked to discover "how much what I'd written was really about me," though I bet his car isn't quite as cool.

Sustainable Middle Class
Will Bill Ayers’ College Students Be Blacklisted?
John Freeland worries that Bill Ayers' college students will be blacklisted though I don't think that will happen because who's going to hire them?

Streak’s Blog
Why Susan Eisenhower Matters
Streak compares Susan Eisenhower and Sarah Palin. Guess who he likes better.

Sarcasmo’s Corner
Not Your Mother's Neil Diamond
Sarcasmom writes: "The person who started this blog, Sarcasmo, passed away in December 2006. She is my daughter. I have been posting to her blog since then, just to keep it out there. Her writing was brilliant, if I do say so, and it should not be lost. I am sending you the post I liked best this year. It is a memory I have of her."

Self-Styled Siren
The Titanic in Three Movies
Campaspe watches three movies about the Titanic, and proves why she is Queen of the (Blogging) World. Apparently, all three movies have the exact same ending.

Tikun Olam
In Blood, Fire and Hatred Shall Judea Rise
Richard Silverstein notes the presence of anti-Arab racism among Israeli Jews and the impact it could have on delaying or derailing the peace process between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Seeing the Forest
SEIU's Accountability Project - Making Politicians Do The Right Thing
Dave Johnson attends the Service Employees International Union's convention and writes about its "Accountability Project," which he says is "a big, big deal for progressives."

Obama, Opportunist?
Marcel says Obama is a "realist, not a dreamer." Someone better tell his supporters.

The Sideshow
The Supreme Court Was Right About This
Avedon Carol is glad no one was executed on her behalf. "That would only have added to the burden," she says.

Gun Toting Liberal
BUSTED!!! “President-Elect” (INDEED!) Barack Hussein Obama’s Non-Qualified Citizenship Status Finally Gets Day In Court — The Supreme Court Of The United States!
Gun-Toting Liberal reveals that Obama is not really from Chicago but was "actually born in HAWAII — millions of miles away from Chicago and even America, for that matter."

Bitty’s Back Porch
Wealth, Redistributed
Bitty wonders what's so bad about wealth redistribution, besides being against the Bible, the Constitution and the Alien-Sedition Acts of 1798, I guess.

Griper Blade
Powell, McCain, Division and Hate
Wisco calls Colin Powell "a politician in rehab." I wonder if he's run into Amy Winehouse.

Diary of a Heretic
Howler Monkeys
In this episode from one of Kathleen Maher's riveting novella-length blog fictions, Scott Summers takes his girlfriend Emma Frost on a romantic getaway to Costa Rica and gets bit.

Bark Bark Woof Woof
Joined Together
Mustang Bobby says he doesn't "care whether or not the case can be made that the bible supports the concept of same-sex marriage," but then again, he's a Quaker, which I don't think is even Christian.

MA Peel
George Knows, Some Things You Just Can't Control
M.A. Peel has something in common with George Clooney that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

No More Mr. Nice Blog
The Other "Damn, This Feels Good" Guy
Steve M. says President Bush has no doubts and no regrets, which is what we love about him.

Lighthouse Patriot Journal
In Obama Watch: After-Election Report, Issue #001
Keith Lehman tells us what true conservatives are saying about the election of Barack Obama.

Time to Settle Up!
An Ahistoricality considers the often overlooked effect of Obama's election on gamblers.

Yazoo Street Scandal
Of Parisian Igloos, etc.
Anthony Cartouche finds a sentence that has never been uttered before and then writes a few more of his own.

Fair Use And The Associated Press
Cernig decides to fight back when the AP declares war on bloggers.

Bush Administration Unveils
driftglass reports on the unveling of "The Large Badloan Collider," which some experts believe could unleash a dangerous black hole that will suck up the economy.

Bilerico Project
Calm Down: Rick Warren Is Not a Big Deal
Bil Browning says some people need to save their outrage for issues that actually matter, which has outraged some of his readers.

Media Bloodhound
Jesus Denounces McCain, Endorses Obama
Brad Jacobson claims that Jesus endorsed Obama, when we all know he was supporting McCain.

Writhe Safely
I Will Be a Good Girl
Flawedplan writes about the deceptive marketing of powerful anti-psychotics to women. I just tell Mrs. Swift they're vitamins.

Dawg’s Blawg
The Wrath of God: Transcript
Dr. Dawg gets ahold of God's message to Fundamentalists. I don't know where he got it and he's not saying.

Roxie’s World
Hillary: A Valediction
Roxie's World meditates on the significance of Hillary Clinton's run for the White House.

The Politics of Digg
Simon Owens interviews more than 50 top users of Digg and uncovers the mysterious process that catapults stories to its front page. This might be a good time to remind you of that Digg submission link at the bottom of this post.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air
We Have Walked in the Palins’ Shoes
Captain Ed says that many families have had to deal with situations like the Palins are in with their daughter, including his own.

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish
Melissa McEwan says she is "so over Bush, it's not even funny." Already?

Don Surber
Don Surber says the government has a bad track record running brothels, which is not a good sign of things to come if it starts buying up banks and automobile companies. Maybe they could hire Eliot Spitzer to run them.

Sadly, No!
The Global Race To Confederate Yankee’s Bottom
Gavin M. claims that red states are actually red in that other, better-dead way.

Blue Gal
A Video Valentine for David Plouffe
Blue Gal sends a video mash-up note to Obama's campaign manager.

Will Not Be Televised
The Dark Knight has Nick thinking about childhood and its heroes and the way those beliefs die hard, not to mention the bruises received from trying to fly with a towel cape. He has also put together his own roundup.

Lance Mannion
All the Mad Men and All the Mad Women Are Having Epiphanies
Lance Mannion tells us that "Mad Men, like MASH, isn't a novel for television. It's a short story collection for television."

The Field Negro
Relax Folks, It's Just an "Off Color" Remark
The Field Negro explains to Lindsay Lohan that white is a color, too.

Comrade PhysioProf
Unclear On The F---ing Concept
Comrade PhysioProf welcomes a teacher to the exciting new world of blogging, and learns him a thing or two in language not usually heard at PTA meetings.

A Walk in the Park, 40 Years Ago
Obama's election night celebration in Chicago's Grant Park reminds Robert Stein of a momentous stroll he took through that park in 1968 when he was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Taylor Marsh
Keith Olbermann Is No Edward R. Murrow
Taylor Marsh declares the MSNBC host the "Worst Person in the World" for his hatred of Hillary Clinton. Take that, sir!

Nourishing Obscurity
Socialism and the Myths We're Fed
James Higham says there are "two kinds of socialists - the dangerous type" and "good people at heart," who "just cannot see, in those hearts, that the ideal they aspire to is an impossibility." I'm not sure which one Barack Obama is.

Blue Wren
Mystery Solv-ed
Wren can't figure out the Wall Street bailout but she has solved the mystery of where missing socks go.

William K. Wolfrum
African-Americans Are Dying for Bone Marrow Donors - A Call To Action
William K. Wolfrum alerts us to a problem few probably know about: the shortage of African-American bone marrow donors. Who knew that you could use the Internet to promote worthy causes, too?

Wombs for Rent
Jill takes on the complicated issue of surrogacy and her response is, well . . . complicated.

James Fallows
My Prediction About Sarah Palin
James Fallows makes a prediction about Sarah Palin 45 minutes after her nomination is announced. Luckily, it turned out so much better than he thought it would.

A Hollywood Bomb
Roy Edroso gives us a sneak preview of the penetrating film criticism you'll be able to find at Andrew Breitbart's new site Big Hollywood. Rush Limbaugh is apparently not a big fan of Citizen Kane.

Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time
For Veterans' Day
LarryE explains "how and why I'm disturbed at the increasing tendency of progressives to routinely refer to soldiers as 'heroes.'" This is sure to be a popular piece on both sides of the aisle.

The Nose on Your Face
The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume I: The Adulteress
"And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto the Obamessiah a woman taken in adultery..."

One Toke Over the Line
konagod wonders what would happen if they moved the International Date Line. For one thing, Sarah Palin could no longer see the future from her house.

WTF Is It Now
Goats -- no, uhhh, tax credits -- for small -- a lot -- many -- huge number
George Stephanopoulos sits down with John McCain to talk about the candidate's health care plan and onions.

Republic of T
Held Suspect
"I looked up and into the anger-twisted face of a large, angry white woman," writes Terrance. "It wasn’t until we were out of the store that our mother explained."

By Neddie Jingo!
Three Hundred Sixty-Four Days Filled with Doubt and Fear
Neddie collaborates with Blue Girl on their annual Christmas song. Check out some of their past year's offerings in the links, including a heart-rending rendition of "Christmas Time Is Here."

The Anchoress
The Humbling: “The One” Goes to Don Clinton
The One has a sit-down with Don Clinton, who makes him an offer he can't refuse.

Three O'Clock in the Morning
Merry Bloody Christmas
Last year Eawkc's supermodel wife sliced off her thumb with a cheese slicer on Christmas Eve. I hope Christmas went better this year.

Only Sayin’
ALWAYS Write a Thank You Note
Only Sayin' writes a thank-you note to the Bush Administration. If only all liberals were so polite.

Liberal Values
The Republican Party and Ideas
Ron Chusid looks at the long-term repercussions of the religious right and forces of anti-intellectualism becoming dominant in the Republican Party, which he seems to think is a bad thing.

Abandoned Stuff
Canada 2008 Debate Dead Blogging
Saskboy "dead blogs" the Canadian leaders debate in the October federal election. There was an election in Canada?

Mike the Mad Biologist
Another Fight About Framing and Evolution: Can I Play?
Mike says evolutionists must make a positive case for evolution instead of just against creationism and offers an example. Lolcats! Oh, and something about medical genomics, too.

Liberty Street
Personal Fortune Trumps Personal Responsibility
Kathy defines "accountability" in 20 words.

To The Slaughterhouse
OutofContext writes a 100-word prose poem about an archeologist named Mao and a very lucky pig.

45s and Under
The Banners Way: Oppressed White Male Bachelor Auction
Dag Banners believes that opressed white males need love, too.

Corpus Crikey
Brendan tells some stories from his Catholic boyhood in response to the furor provoked by PZ Myers' desecration of a communion wafer.

A Slant Truth
We Are Witnessing Ourselves
"Be warned," says Kevin. "I make some claims that will most likely piss some people off; but I'm sure you're used to that."

The Midpoint
Cangrejero reviews of one of his favorite albums, Upstairs/Downstairs, by The Ergs!, which he says "explores country, jazz, hardcore, pop, and the duality of emotional and rational reasoning," but is apparently woefully lacking in sea shanties, Tuvan throat music and Kantian nihilism.

The -777.68 Point Plunge
Matttbastard is just a tiny bit angry about the slight stock market correction.

The Palin’ Identity
Kai believes that the McCain campaign made a "strategic calculation that a raw smashface appeal to white identity politics, against a black opponent, would outweigh and overwhelm any dainty intellectual nitpicking or idealistic rhetoric." Well, maybe it will work out better next time.

The Flying Dutchman
I Am Become My Father (and Hillary Clinton Is, Too)
The Flying Dutchman comes to terms with the turning of the generational wheel and looks forward to the day when the "soothing melodies of Jay-Z" seem quaint and old-fashioned.

The Greenbelt
Beyond Good and Evil
The Ridger, FCD analyzes Obama's and McCain's two different approaches to the problem of good and evil, one good and one evil.

Circle Jerk at the Square Dance
Ten Simple Rules for Graduate Students in the Evil Sciences
Brando has some advice for students of evil, including how to find a passion for evil, cope with the stigma of being a diabolical figure, and get the most out of a mentor before vanquishing him.

Some of Nothing
Throw Away Society
Slag tells us what the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy has in common with his recalcitrant laptop.

The Impolitic
Happier Times
Libby remembers "one of the top ten coolest things that ever happened to me" and comes out from behind the curtain.

Axis of Evel Knievel
January 23
"In the early morning light of 23 January 1870, calvalrymen from the 2nd US Regiment attacked an encampment of South Piegan Indians along the Marias River in northern Montana...," Davenoon writes in this history lesson about an important American victory.

Obama's Big Bet: The Power Of The Ground Game
Dday says he wrote this post "when everyone thought Obama was blowing the race, and I think it holds up pretty well."

Maud Newton
Practical City Living #12: Your Cell on the Subway Tracks
Maud Newton discovers what happens when Mark Twain falls on the subway tracks.

A Poetic Justice
Some verse from thepoetryman, the poet laureate of the blogosphere.

Suburban Guerrilla
The Tao of Rocky
Susie Madrak says some Hillary-bashing bloggers didn't get Clinton's reference to Rocky because they thought he lost.

An Average American Patriot
Living a Lie: Against a Worsening Manufactured Financial Crisis That Is Just Beginning
Jim is “sick of hearing the Great Depression can not be repeated.” Aren’t we all?

This Is Like So Gay
The Wolves Guarding the Sheepfold
The Promiscuous Reader writes about a subject he thinks didn't get enough coverage in the U.S. this past year, the pro-democracy protests in South Korea. For me, it was the coverage of Joe the Plumber that left me wanting more.

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
The Perfect Storm
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. reviews a long forgotten sitcom, The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna, which boasted a "fairly impressive writing staff" and enough familiar faces to "fill up an autograph book."

News From the Underground
Why They Chose Sarah Palin--and What To Do About It
Mark Crispin Miller tells us that McCain's "plan for stealing this contest has everything to do with the ostensibly surprising choice of Sarah Palin." That plan went really well.

Really Small Fish
Advice: Don't Go Out in the Rain in Your Socks
Fish explains "why teenagers think adults are stupid."

Betsy’s Page
The Most Important Election Ever
"As a history teacher," says Betsy Newmark, "I enjoy it when I can bring some discussion of history into a discussion of today's events." In this post she considers whether the election of 2008 was the most important election ever by comparing it with the election of 1864.

RH Reality Check
A Wish List for Young Parents
"Like Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter," writes Lauren Bruce, "I was once a teen mom."

Right Wing Wiz Kid
Can Someone Please Help Me Figure This Out?

Cult of O?
Phillybits rolls his eyes when asked if he finds the "Cult of O" troubling and then has a lot more to say.

O’Reilly Radar
Fermi's Paradox and the End of Cheap Oil
Tim O'Reilly says it was the topic of this post that "was the beginning of my current wave of activism urging people to work on stuff that matters." Someday maybe I'll work on stuff that matters.

We Move to Canada
Involuntary Military Service Is a Form of Slavery
L-girl asks "if slavery is not only about being paid for one's labour, what is it about?" I guess now that she's moved to Canada, she's required by law to spell "labor" that way. I'm sorry, what was the question again?

The Heretik
The Heretik has a list of Republican traitors, though he says he chose this post for the graphic.

I Am Trex
They Kilt It at the Press Club Today
TRex thinks "it’s a good thing" that the National Press Club didn’t stop Obama accuser Larry Sinclair from appearing there.

Phillip L. Velez
The Cub Scouts
Growing up in the South Bronx in the 1970s, Phil Velez didn’t realize he was poor until he joined the Cub Scouts.

Tangled Up in Blue Guy
Who is Running the McCain Campaign?
"We don’t know who is running the McCain campaign," Tangled Up in Blue Guy wrote in October. "But it is obvious that the way he is running the campaign shows either one of two things."

Where’s the Outrage?
Supply-side Economics Never Made Sense
"Maybe this 'Me First, Everything Else Second' mentality helped cause the craziness that we’re seeing on Wall Street," writes Errington Thompson. Personally, I think it's the "Me first, Jon Swift second" mentality that's the problem.

Responding to Jonah
David Neiwert's epic response to Jonah Goldberg's response to Neiwert's review of Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism could be a book itself.

Reno and Its Discontents
2004 Will Not Be 2008 All Over Again
After returning from this year's Democratic National Convention in Denver, Myrna the Minx reflected on how 2008 was different from 2004.

Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts
Banking Regulation Illustrated

Robert discovers a shocking and incriminating photograph in an old FDIC bulletin and wonders "What is the smell of one invisible hand clapping?"

Nuke Gingrich
The Club for Growth: Slouching Toward Irrelevance
Nuke Gingrich takes us back to the days when conservatives were all one big happy family.

Unruly Duckling
Pro Choice?
Unruly Duckling says she would be "more happy staying home and cleaning, gardening, and cooking." Me, too, except for the cleaning, gardening, and cooking part.

Palin’s Speech to Nowhere
Will Bunch says Sarah Palin's address to the Republican National Convention "was a great speech -- written for someone else."

Moue Magazine
Georgian President Wants the West’s Help: We Shouldn’t Give It
BrandyBetz explains why we shouldn't have Georgia on our minds.

Miriam’s Ideas
“It's typical of my mean-spirited world view,” explains Miriam.

Dohiyi Mir
Bam In PDX!
In a 46-photo essay Ntodd documents the frenzied excitement surrounding MSNBC reporter Richard Wolfe's visit to Portland, Oregon. Oh, and Obama showed up, too.

Stark Reporter
What Made 2008 An Interesting Year In My Little World
It was the best of times and the worst of times for Anthony this year.

Play On!
Tea Time In The Wildwood: Lou Dobbs' Red Herring Stew
Myrtle June’s co-blogger finds an email about illegal immigrants from one of his relatives in his inbox, composes a response and hits Reply All.

The Woodshed
Door2door Insanity
The Rev. Paperboy has a suggestion for how to deal with Jehovah's Witnesses who come to your door, though it sounds a bit impractical.

Buck Naked Politics
Cleaning up Political & Corporate Culture Could Help our Economy
Deb Cupples looks at how major corporations underpay their CEOs, giving them little incentive to do a good job.

Susie Bright
"Clitoris" on Google's Banned Word List
Susie Bright conspires to get my blog banned in Google SafeSearch. Thank you, Ms. Bright. I'm sure it would be on my banned word list, too, if I knew what it meant.

Your Lengthy Guide To The Insane McCain-Palin Cold War
Wonkette details the inside story of the brilliant, hard-fought campaign McCain and Palin aides waged against each other.

Talking in Circles
Stop Blaming the Internet
Probabilityzero is tired of parents blaming the Internet for getting their kids hopped up on dope and encouraging them to dodge the draft and join hippie communes where they practice free love.

The Spitting Vessel
Freedom From Fantasy
Durano Lawayan thinks "Americans need to re-evaluate the enormous disparity between what they profess as their ideals, and what they actually practice." It may be true that we haven't pursued happiness enough but I think we're doing fine with the other ideals.

Barefoot Bum
Revolution and Reform
The Barefoot Bum says that "Obama is no friend, no friend at all, of true progressivism."

Daily Referendum
26 Point Lead - Cameron Must Be Given the Credit
Steve Green thinks that U.K. Conservative Party leader David Cameron should get the credit for the Tories' success. I guess that's another thing people don't think George Bush should get credit for.

Brilliant at Breakfast
A Letter to Young Feminists
"I realize that this post is going to get me blacklisted from the feminist blogosphere in perpetuity," writes Jill. There is someone who still hasn't been blacklisted from the feminist blogosphere yet?

The Apostate
Women, Power and Feminism
"The election of Benazir Bhutto to the Prime Ministership of Pakistan didn’t do nuthin’ for the rights of women in Pakistan," according to The Apostate.

Iqbal And The Question Of Accountability For Torture Decision-Makers At The Top
Christy Hardin Smith says that one question the Iqbal case will answer is "What is justice here -- and is it even possible to accomplish?" I agree with President Nixon: "When the president's men do it, that means that it is not illegal."

People Are Idiots
United in Dryness
Jenée kicked her lip balm addiction and now she want to help others live a Chapstick-free life.

Three Wise Men
What's Wrong with Free Trade? Everything!
"Free trade aint free!" says Nat-W, or as Robert Heinlein might put it, TANSTAAFT.

Mad As Hell
The Same Small Politics, Yes...
"Today the Republican curtain has been pulled away and many of us can clearly see who's behind it," writes Fred W., by which he means, I think, a kindly old man who will help us get home.

The Sidetrack
Old Vs. New: Bloggers on the Inside
Jason the AT attends the Democratic convention where old media eyes new media warily. But "resistance," he says, "is futile."

Scholars and Rogues
Emigration 1 - Little Drops of Decision
Whythawk says that countries are like drug addicts and his native South Africa has been in rehab once too often.

Swan Lake Samba Girl
Peep Show In Central Park
Tonya Plank voyeurizes an Israeli dance company doing a striptease in the park and takes pictures.

Miss Cellania
Star Trek Sex
Miss Cellania looks at the TV series whose characters had more sex than its fans.

Pajamas Media: Roger L. Simon
‘Barack, I Didn’t Do It for This’: An Homage to Andrew Goodman
Roger Simon, whose new book, Blacklisting Myself: Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in the Age of Terror, is coming out in January 2009, is moved to write poetry "for the first time since high school" by Obama's "race speech."

The Moderate Voice
Obama's Election: A Sea Of Shattered Assumptions
Joe Gandelman lists 12 assumptions shattered by Obama's election, not to mention the assumption he couldn't win, and provides an exhaustive roundup of news media and weblog reaction on the day he won.

Pam’s House Blend
Thoughts on Barack Obama's 'A More Perfect Union'
Pam Spaulding muses about the impact of Obama's speech "in terms of the relief it gave me to hear someone articulate so clearly the need to have a discussion about race because I felt like I was screaming into a void." Conservatives are just happy we never have to talk about race again.

Making Light
Cloverfield, With Spoilers
Jim Macdonald uses the movie Cloverfield as a teaching moment about emergency preparedness. "This is a movie about six young New Yorkers who have not read Making Light." he writes.

News N Economics
Is Zambia the next China?
Rebecca Wilder says that some African economies, such as Zambia's, are similar statistically to those of certain Asian countries in the 1980s. There is also a chance that the U.S. will be the next Zambia.

Zaius Nation
The Adventures of Barack Obama Across the 8th Dimension!
Dr. Zaius presents the story of Lord Whorfin, the leader of the Lectroids, a race of alien neocons from Planet 10 in the 8th dimension.

Comedy Central's Indecision 2008
Breakfast with Jon Stewart, Part One
Dennis DiClaudio experiences "second most fascinating, most I-can't-believe-I'm experiencing-this, thing I have ever witnessed in my admittedly very unfascinating and inexperienced life."

The Truth about PUMA Conference 08 … You Can’t Spell “Conference” Without “C-O-N”

Kevin K. attends a conference of disenfranchised Democrats and beholds the “PUMAwesomeness of it all.”

Blonder and Thinnerrrr
Teddy Roosevelt: America's Most Cartoonish President to Date
Lauren gathers copiously researched facts from Wikipedia and discusses the life and times of our nation's 26th president.

That’s Right Nate
Apology over Flag Flap
It takes a big man to admit when he makes a mistake and Nate shows just how big he is when he apologizes for a post accusing Obama of creating his own flag at a campaign stop in Ohio.

Chawed Rosin
Fun with Grammar
"Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, buffalo," writes Lolarusa. Indeed.

My Left Wing
A Little Bit Pregnant: Freedom of Speech in America
Maryscott O'Connor find herself in agreement with … Jonah Goldberg!

Precious Cargo
Ron Paul, Andrew Sullivan and the Unreliability of Pundits
Peter Winkler says that Andrew Sullivan "reveals a great deal about not just himself, but pundits as a class" by his reaction to an article on Ron Paul's newsletter.

Buzz Twang
Will Hunger for Celebrity Kill Britney Spears?
“H.L. Mencken is spinning in his grave,” says DJ Lanphier. Leave H.L. Mencken alone!

Kindly Póg Mo Thóin
Dreaming Big
Zuzu remains skeptical about Obama and she’s “not going to settle for some crumbs.”

To Those Who Muse About "Spreading Democracy" on This Day of Fidel Castro's Retirement
“It consists of a single compound sentence (okay, it's a long single compound sentence) followed by a Pablo Neruda poem,” explains Deborah Newell Tornello.

The Osterley Times
Lieberman’s Treachery
Kel is not one of Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s biggest fans.

Coyote Mercury
Every Day Is a Gift
James Brush “will miss watching Daphne tree the midnight possums and snap June bugs from the air as they swarm around the porch lights.”

The Moderate Muslims of Kosovo
“As a Muslim,” writes Michael van der Galien, “I am starting to detest the term ‘moderate Muslim.’”

Bitch Ph.D.
Bitch Ph.D. discusses statistics on education, wage and homeownership disparities between blacks and whites, which have all been wiped away by electing an African-American President.

Badtux the Snarky Penguin
A Penguin's Guide to Bay Area Wildlife
Badtux's attempts to obtain a date with certain female penguin species garners "a sneer of disdain." Maybe it's his approach.

Hot Potato Mash
Video Exclusive: Karl Rove - Free Don Siegelman
Alan Breslauer has exclusive video of his meeting with Karl Rove.

Balloon Juice
And When Things Get Really Bad, I Can Eat My Cat and Craft Arrows From His Bones
John Cole explains that "Republican rule has not been a disaster, but a blessing in disguise."

The Aristocrats
The Appeaser
Mark Hoback imagines the terrible consequences of a meeting without preconditions between President Obama and Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his monkey, Bobo. Look who he predicts will be Secretary of State in this post written in May.

The Debate Link
Black Conservatives in Large and Small Caps
David Schraub explains why the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is actually a Black Conservative.

Everything Depends on the Getaway
The world's only source of Fafblog makes a triumphant return after a long hibernation, which made many of us fear we would never hear from Fafnir and Giblets again.

The FCC Holds a Hearing on Net Neutrality, and YOU! ARE! THERE!
John Sundman attends an FCC hearing on net neutrality and has a chat with the chairman of the FCC himself.

And finally...

Jon Swift
Great Moments in Election-Year Blogging
In which this modest blogger once again puts the spotlight on others, celebrating Pulitzer-worthy journalism by conservative bloggers who dug up stories about election the liberal mainstream media conspired to suppress.

Carnivals: Scribes Blog Carnival, Fuel My Blog Carnival, Carnival of the Vanities

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Melina said... really think I could get arrested?...with that unsavory cast of characters and the quick ongoing rewrite of history necessary for certain of our "bravest" to stay out of jail much less keep a pension, I was thinking more like I could get dead.
But then, I grew my kid to teen-hood, so Im not as opposed as I once was as a single mom to sticking the neck out a little in these sorts of severe cases. And I did grow up in the protection of certain Brooklyn Mafiosi who may still have an arm in one or another pie out there...maybe not...This is way beyond even those innocent Brooklyn days;-)
Thanks so much Jon...
The most important point of any of this now in the ongoing quandary of how to recover as a country is that if we don't hold the perpetrators of a myriad of crimes accountable, we may not be able to heal or recover at all. That goes for the military, the financial sector, social services, our security at home and abroad, and the outsourced workers who find now that they suffer from the same sorts of ills that our enlisted soldiers have, but not even the little bit of support that we offer....the list goes on...

These criminals don't represent conservative republicans and or liberals or democrats and anyone in between...they represent the neocon arm of the government that is based on self enriching criminal acts and just possibly selfish desire for a heavenly reward (if thats even true.) And I think that as much as a band aid as Obama can put on this, we may find that it will fester unless we get in there and dig out the infection at its base...
And yes, I mean Cheney and Rummy and Petraeus and all of em. How can we heal if we just cover over what happened? How will the history books reflect what happened in a way that allows our children not to repeat the same mistakes?
I look forward to reading the rest of these....
You did a great job...even if it was editing and reading...its huge!

Will be linking it all over, as far as I go anyways, later!
Happy New Year...a better one!

Dinosaur Trader said...

I can only imagine how your fingers must feel at this juncture.

As unofficial spokesperson (and advocate) for the entire "third-tier" of blogs, (approximately 912,835 blogs) I thank you.

You are an inspiration, sir.


Susie Bright said...

Like last year, I am going to take an official day off to lie in bed and read every single one of these choice posts on my laptop. I love this! I just need to get the whiskey, hash pipe, and bonbons by my side.

Jon, you are too good to us. I'm so glad you don't know what the "C-word" means— it makes me even more attracted to you. Tell Mrs. Swift to call me sometime!

WomanHonorThyself said...

JON u are the best kept secret on the Internet..luv u dude!..the effort u put forth is astounding and nothing short of inspirational!..thanks from the bottom of me heart!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

Great post - thanks! It is like our own end of the year blogger party! I see that these guys - Radioactive Liberty - are not on your blogroll. You would probably like their stuff. I submit this article as one of their best:

Happy Holidays and thanks for making this fun! Rebecca

Carl said...

Mr Swift, sir, I am, as always, honored to be included in your year-end round up.

Imagine, a heartless brutal conservative like me being thrust amongst all these stellar writers and bloggers...I now know what Larry Craig's penis felt like in the men's washroom at the Minneapolis Airport!

slag said...

Wow. Whoever hasn't seen fit to add you to their blogroll yet is probably realizing the error of their ways. All this bloggy goodness is giving me a brain freeze!

jurassicpork said...

What is with all the disrespectful, foul-mouthed, subversive liberals represented here? True, I'm one of them, but still...

Thank you for inclusion into this august assemblage. If only you weren't so damned... (shudder) conservative.

Mustang Bobby said...

Thanks, Jon. I feel so...what's the word... honored to be with such fine bloggers, and as one of the minions of the millions of unknown B-list bloggers, I am humbled to be with such august company.

ntodd said...

Consider it pimped! Thanks for the hard work. I'll put in a good word for you with Obama as soon as I'm finished denouncing him.

Anonymous said...

Okay - this will take me a full year to read. This post gets its own link on my blogroll.

J. said...

You had me at "lolcats."

Thank you, kind and noble sir, for the inclusion on your list -- and for allowing us liberal and centrist ruffians to besmirch your fair conservative blog.

Anonymous said...

Jon, you are a mensch.

field negro said...

You de man!

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Group entries based on left/right leaning

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're the fucking best reasonable conservative I know! MWAH!!!!!!

Alexander Wolfe said...

Thanks for the link love! My New Year's resolution is to actually read all of these links, though I suspect that may also become my resolution for 2010 as well.

OutOfContext said...

A blogger who chooses his own posts has a fool for an agent. I'm comfortable amongst fools.

Chuck Butcher said...

Hey Jon,
Thanks for the huge effort it took to give some of us a much larger canvas to tout our work on. That doesn't begin to cover the asset of being able to peruse previously unknowns at their self-proclaimed best.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

TOO MUCH WORK! You don't expect us to read all them, do you? I started to think about each blog. For the first few that were mentioned. Then I just read your comments on the next two dozen or so. At the end, I was just looking at the comments with the kitteh pictures. (What's up with THAT?!? I thought cats were liberal. There must be a site with cute captions by dogs, or elephants...) Can't you summarise in the form of a Jay Leno monologue?

BTW, what about allowing us to list our favourite blog posts, for those of us whose attention spans are too short to have an actual blog. Mine was right here, at 2:13 a.m. (your time) on June 13. Equal time for unequal effort, I say!

James Higham said...

Massive job, Jon and congratulations to you!

Distributorcap said...


you are the hereby knighted as Sir Blog roll

thank you so much for including my humble words among such giants

i drop the sceptre on your head. it wont hurt

Representative Kimble said...

Thank you so much for selecting my post for inclusion in your best of 2008 Awards. I must say that this is an unexpected honor. Any faithful reader of my Christmas letter could tell you that this has been a year of both ups and downs for Nate Peele. My post is my apology after being viciously attacked by many left wing sites like after Bob Grant and I accused Barrack Obama of having his own flag. I did take offense to the Ohio State marching band forming the Obama flag at halftime of football games and let it be known. How were we to know that each state had its own flag? The C in the Clinton flag was actually for Colorado too. I think I was quite magnanimous in my apology, but for those wishing to read the original post here is the link Now Obama Has His Own Flag -- I Bet the Colors Run

Batocchio said...

Thanks again, Jon. That's a lot of work, much appreciated. Off to read...

Carl said...

Thanks to Butch over at 123beta, I added Jon Swift to my blogroll and plan on visiting often. Maybe something from my blog might make it on the best of 2009 list?

fish said...

Thank you Jon.
Because of you I now know that I can order fake pubic lice in the mail.
I can never repay you for that gift.

driftglass said...

Jon, Jon, Jon.

You haz embiggened us all.

Myrtle June said...

So much reading to do! Thanks Jon, youse da BESTEST!! Tanbark and I are honored to be included in your wonderful roundup. ;-)

Dr.Dawg said...

My goodness, what a labour of love...Happy New Year to you and yours, Jon.

maru said...

Thanks again, Jon, and love teh lolblogcats!

Madam Miaow said...

Oh, I think Bug Girl wins whatever's up for grabs. By a lo-o-ong chalk.

Thanks for the laughs all the way from the UK. Will add JS to my links.

Anonymous said...

All this excellence and LOLcats too! Thanks for a wonderful tour, Jon.


Erik Hare said...

Thank you very much for the chance to be included in such a great community! There are so many reasons to love this blog, but when the writer is a plain nice guy it's even easier.


Friðvin said...

Good grief, man. This is impressive and I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do. It's a month's worth of reading right there!

By the way, that kitteh in the first shot has the most interesting face and eyes I have ever seen.

Unknown said...

You really should get sainthood out of this - though not prematurely, of course.

Oh, and my word verification? syncerst. Indeed.

Shannon @ McBlog (too lazy to change over from my husband's sign in)

Connecticut Man1 said...

Sadly, I think that I missed the email notice of this since I am certain that you have my old email addy... But not so sure about my new one?

And if I may be so bold as to risk starting a flame war on Christmas:

Happy Holidays!

laura k said...

You are awesome. This blog is awesome. This post is awesomeness squared. Thank you!!!!etc.

Unknown said...

blessed pure, jon. large, massive thanks. honor ah Irie!

James Higham said...

Happy New Year, Jon.

Anonymous said...

Not only was there an election in Canada, we very nearly had a change of government too. I hear that's a popular thing to do south of the border.

Wisco said...

Wow, is that ever a boatload of good blogging. Glad I made the cut.

Good riddance 2008!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

This year's obituaries (including my beloved cat).

Todd said...

Since Jon didn't leave enough blogposts for everyone to read til Jesus gets here, I'm adding one of my best (only) posts of 2008 because he told me to, and because I love america. what, you dont?

Ok, here it is.

Dan Leo said...

Damn -- some good shit here. Now I'm never going to finish Proust...

And congrats on the best humor blog nom, Jon!

Anonymous said...

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Bill Day said...

I can see I have my week's reading cut out for me! A great list, but what else would one expect from the eighteenth century's incomparable master of sense and satire. Happy Blue New Year! Cheers, Mr. Swift.

Bob King said...

"Graphic Truth
Science, Ethics and Truth-Testing
Greg Palast invokes the ghost of William Buckley in the debate over whether science should be abolished."

I hate to point this out, John, since there are times when I very much like the idea of wearing a fedora and hammering back scotch from a water-glass while reporting the latest dish from my sources, but I am not actually Greg Palast.

I'm merely myself; Bob King. And for the most part, my sources are the voices in my head. This is no doubt one explanation why I insist on being called a Conservative, even now. :)

Jon Swift said...

Just checking to see if you're reading or not. It's fixed now.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Linking up to this post Jon..and makin sure my fans vote for ya too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much, Mr. Swift, for putting me on your "Top 10 list" of blogs no one has heard of at!


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Anonymous said...

I notice that you put many cute cats photos in your posts, I love the laughing one the most. Do you love cats too? Anyway, to be honest I was interested in knowing what is the best blog posts, but the length of your page is a little bit too long for me, and your cute cats also distracts me :D

Anonymous said...

horah!!! LOLCATS!!

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