Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Brokeback Mountain: Not Gay

Why does everyone insist on calling Brokeback Mountain the "gay cowboy" movie? I really didn't see what was so gay about it. It's a beautiful movie about two cowboys who are very good friends. Why can't two men be friends without everyone saying they're gay? It sure didn't seem like they were gay. They both had wives and kids and seemed pretty happy with that, at least as happy as anyone else with wives and kids. And they didn't act gay at all. Is there something gay about going fishing with your buddy? If there is, that would make me gay! It's getting to be where you can't do anything without someone saying it's gay. I think people just have dirty minds. So go see Brokeback Mountain. It's a great movie and it's not gay.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Swift:

I wish to report that I recently tried to see "Brokeback Mountain" and was severely disappointed. It turns out that I had accidentally wandered into a movie called "Bareback Mounting," about columnist Andrew Sullivan. He looks terrible in chaps.

Vincente Guilliably,
Philadelphia, PA

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you that this movie was excellent, but to say not gay is to go to far, i mean sex was involved. regardless, it is an amazing movie, and the most important one in my life.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was a movie about a same-sex relationship! There was an ongoing sexual relationship, the character of Jack Twiss had desires for a long-term relationship, passionate kissing. Yes, they happened to have same-sex attractions -- and guess what, it's normal!

Anonymous said...

For cryin' out loud, I just came to your site from Captain's Quarters, and I'm laughing so hard tears are squirting out my eyes and I'm wheezing.

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