Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Defeating Iraq

Sometimes in order to save our freedoms we have to suspend them temporarily. Presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Richard Nixon realized that during wartime the only way to preserve our civil liberties is to sacrifice them. One of the lessons of Vietnam is that you cannot win a war when dissent is allowed free reign. Right after Saddam Hussein sent his planes to attack the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and that field in the middle of Pennsylvania, President Bush immediately started doing what needed to be done to win this war. At first, unlike Nixon, he had the full support of the New York Times, the Washington Post and even Bob Woodward, but unfortunately, though Bush has done his best to win this war, there just aren't enough FBI agents to infiltrate every group that opposes him or listen in on the phone calls of every American, or round up every dissident and throw them in prison indefinitely. Some people now are forgetting the lessons of Vietnam and have begun to attack President Bush just as they attacked Nixon and made us lose the Vietnam War. This just gives aid and comfort to the enemy. If we have any hope of defeating Iraq and winning the War on Terror, the American people must realize we have to put our trust in the President for as long as the war lasts. We may not win this war in our lifetimes, but eventually we will prevail if we just let this President and future Presidents do what they need to do to preserve the things that make this country great even if we have to give up some of them for the time being.

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