Monday, December 26, 2005

Illegal Immigration and Child Labor Laws

One of the things people who support illegal immigration will tell you is that illegal immigrants take jobs Americans don't want for low wages and that if we stopped illegal immigration there would be no one to do these jobs. But there is a simple solution to this problem: Repeal Child Labor Laws. Child Labor Laws were put on the books hundreds of years ago because many workplaces like factories were dangerous. But now most workplaces are subject to so many regulations that they are as safe as nurseries. Schools, however, are very dangerous. In addition to places where Columbine-like shootings sometimes take place, schools are hotbeds of drugs and sex. Even in the classroom students are victims of dangerous ideologies. In Evolution classes they learn to hate God and in Diversity classes they learn to love homosexuals. When it is time for them to enter the workplace they are often ill-prepared. If we repealed outdated Child Labor Laws, children could get valuable experience in the real world and employers would have a new supply of cheap labor they could hire at sub-minimum wages. American families would have another source of income, which would help them make ends meet in today's economy and all the money they make would stay in the United States, instead of getting sent overseas, which is what most immigrants do with their money. It would help keep Social Security solvent because when these workers retire at age 70 they would have been paying into Social Security for 60 years or more. And finally with American children filling all the jobs as bus boys, janitors, factory workers, farm workers and gardeners, there would be no jobs left for illegal immigrants and they would just stay home.

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Anonymous said...

This is way too funny!

Anonymous said...

intresting theory! well it is one way to get ilegal immigrants out of our country

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