Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rep. Murtha Learns of Consequences of Opposing Bush has conducted an investigation of Rep. John Murtha, who has vociferously criticized President Bush's Iraq policy, and concluded that there are questions about his wounds and the medals he earned in combat. Although the article only quotes Rep. Murtha's political opponents, some of whom are dead, and Rep. Murtha denies the charges, whether the allegations are actually true or not is beside the point. The purpose of the piece is to put Rep. Murtha, and anyone else who disagrees with the President, on notice that there may be consequences for their actions. Sen. John McCain, Sen. Max Cleland and Sen. John Kerry all learned the hard way that opposing the President will leave you open to personal attack. (By the way some people have asked me where my moniker "Jon Swift" comes from. It is, in fact, a tribute to the brave Swift Boat Veterans who helped end Sen. Kerry's Presidential ambitions.) Some may object to these hardball tactics. But isn't it only fair that anyone who goes up against the Bush Administration should have their military records compared with the military records of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld?

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Anonymous said...

I was shocked to learn that your name came from the Swift Boat veterans, who so bravely prevented America from being ruled by anyone rendered unfit to serve by the wounds they received in Vietnam.

I assumed that you were saluting Armour Swift hotdogs, a brand of food that kept America strong. Or at least that you were
paying tribute to Irving "Swifty" Lazar, a famous Hebrew scholar of the mid 20th century, known for being short and throwing really good Oscar parties.

Charles Bogle, chiropractor
Falmouth Falls, NH

Barba Rija said...

You are a simple disgusting prick. How about that for a personal attack? I should add that you masturbate too often and that you cheat on your partner, which is of the same sex that you.

Even considering these were real facts, these are to be separated from what you say or believe. It is disgusting to enter in tacticts where we discuss ad hominen and not ad "subject".

If I made a small robbery 10 years ago (which could be possible, a theft in a candy shop with my so "rebeld" 12 years), should that come in a present debate of how to distribute taxes for instance? It is NOISE debate and junk. When one person is so interested in these tactics is often BLIND to the facts.

The facts that Iraq had nothing to do with Al-Quaeda, the facts that there weren't WMDs in Iraq (the excuse to INVADE and empoverish and conquer the oil of a foreign country), the fact that the money intended to maintenance and improvements in New Orleans' "dams" got deviated to a false war. The facts that a "freedom" country has the most brutal and unhuman prisons worldwide, disregarding human rights, like Guantanamo (and many others).

Fight for your country, WITHIN your country and I will proudly call you american. Fight WITH your government against the very ideas of your country and I will name you a villain, a blind hatred person.

Too far away, sorry. But the intention is to say that no ends justify the means.

Anonymous said...

God, it's amazing to see how many people are so blind and poor at reading comprehensision that they cannot recognize a PARODY. Grow up, people, and get over yourself and think before you spew vitriol.

Back in characterL

Ms. Rija: we look FORWARD to the swiftly approaching day in which godless lieburals like yourself can be properly "dealt with." Before you oppose DEAR LEADER so vigorously, think on this: there will be no un Christian music, media, or edible food. Beware, heathen, beware.

Unknown said...

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Jelly Gamat said...

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